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Jamboree Heights State School

Number of Students:


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Why Choose Jamboree Heights State School?

Jamboree Heights State School has a significant commitment to improving the literacy skills of its students. The school values the ability to read as an important cornerstone in life, and promotes the creed “If you can read, you will succeed!”. Spelling Mastery is also a key focus across all years.

The school has been implementing the Fleming model of explicit teaching, to ensure the education of students is relevant and effective. A strong focus is also placed on engaging parents and strengthening the home/school partnership to improve learning outcomes.

Jamboree Heights provides learning support with programs for Literacy and Numeracy, English as a Second Language, and students with a disability.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

The school has implemented the National Curriculum for Maths, English, Science and History. Chinese is offered as a Language Other Than English (LOTE) subject.

Jamboree Heights’ distinctive curriculum also incorporates the Early Years Phonics Program, Early Years Global Development Program and an Enrichment and Extension Program.

Students can learn instrumental music, take part in Inter-school sports, and become involved in a number of external activities including Maths Olympiad, OptiMinds, Premier’s Reading Challenge and debating.

Facilities at Jamboree Height State School:

All classrooms and general learning areas have modern split system air-conditioning units that provide a comfortable learning environment all year round. There are interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, wired and wireless connectivity throughout the school, class sets of iPads and computer labs in various buildings.

The school has a new multi-purpose centre and has extended the library. There’s also a swimming pool, oval and playgrounds.

Other information:

Jamboree Heights State School has excursions and annual camps to Sydney/Canberra and outdoor recreational camps.

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