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Jindalee State School

Number of Students:


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Why Choose Jindalee State School?

Jindalee State School promotes active student engagement in learning, with programs designed to enhance learning and student participation. The school has strong academic standards and consistently performs above national minimum standards.

The school’s values are founded in The Jindalee Way – a whole school expectation that promotes Confidence, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration, Conscientiousness and Courage.

Jindalee State School has an international student program that supports overseas students, and complements the multicultural background of the community.

The school embraces digital learning, starting in Prep year, and has an extensive 1-to-1 laptop program for Years 4-6.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

Jindalee State School covers all Key Learning Areas of current curriculum’s, and teaches Chinese for Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

The school also has a number of extra-curricular enrichment and enhancement programs that encourage students to excel.

The music program offers vibrant classroom activities and instrumental tuition, including the Orff Schulwerk approach. Students become involved in the orchestra, jazz band, string ensemble and choral groups.

Sporting activities include team sports and individual endeavours in competitive fields, as well as recreational activities to promote health and fitness.

The school also provides other activities and club involvement that encourages teamwork and group skills, as well as practical thinking and problem solving. These include Lego club and robotics, Tech Crew, Optiminds, Readers Cup and Chess club.

Facilities at Jindalee State School:

Jindalee State School has three dedicated Prep buildings, four modular dual classroom buildings, and three double-storey teaching blocks with 23 teaching spaces. There’s a Library-resource centre, two activities areas, and a dedicated eLearning centre and Special Education Centre. The school also has separate rooms for English as a second language, classroom music and instrumental music.

The school hall is fitted with polymer sprung sports floor areas and large cooling fans, and is marked for badminton/volleyball, netball and basketball. It also has activities rooms, kitchen with servers, portable stage and a public address system.

The school is set on 4.5 hectares and has four adventure playgrounds, three shade shelters and shade sails over external handball courts, a multipurpose court for basketball,netball and tennis, and an oval with cricket practice nets and cricket pitch.

There is also a Dental Clinic on site, managed by the Queensland Health Department.

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