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Disco Games and Party Games and Disco or Dance Parties

If you are looking for musical party games, or disco games we’ve got you covered. So if you are planning a disco or dance themed party for your little mover and groover, here are some of our favourite party games for disco and dance parties that will be a guaranteed smash hit with the kids.

1. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love karaoke as a party game at any age? If you don’t have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox of PlayStation you don’t need to rush out and hire a karaoke machine, check out YouTube instead. There are karaoke stations galore on YouTube. Most TV’s now allow you to connect a computer so that the kids can read from the TV screen instead of the computer monitor. If you’re on good terms with the neighbours and want to stay that way you might even look at using a blow up microphone rather than the real thing.

2. Musical statues

Most kids will know the simple rules of this party game, although there are endless variations on this classic. The traditional version has kids freeze when the music stops and anyone who moves or falls over is out.

Clear out a wide open space and have children stand a few feet apart from each other. Set up a radio or CD player with music. Choose an adult to turn the music on and off and to determine who is out each round. When the music is turned on, children should dance along. When the music stops, children need to freeze in whatever position they are in. Children will love to see the funny positions they get into! While all players are frozen, the adult in charge of the music watches for a child to break their position. The first child caught moving is out of the game. Another round then begins when the music starts and children start to dance. This play continues, eliminating one child each round until only one child remains. The last child standing is awarded the winner, and a new game begins.

If you prefer a party game version where no one loses, get them to act out their favourite animal, popstar, air guitar routine or even do a chicken dance when the music stops.

3. Disco games  – Let’s have a dance off

Clear the floor and let the dance off begin. Let the kids go all out with freestyle dance routines or divide them into groups, let them choose their own music and put together a dance extravaganza. You could even combine this with karaoke for your own awesome party game version of Battle of the Bands.

We have written about songs with dance moves for kids. It is perfect for dance parties!

4. Corners

For this party game, stick up six A3 sheets of paper around the room and number them 1 to 6. When the music stops, kids need to choose a number and stand next to it. Roll the dice and whoever is standing next to that number gets a lolly based prize and sits out.

Alternate version of corners:

Indoor four corners is an option for indoor recess on a rainy day. Any number can play, although the higher the number of participants, the longer the game will take. One player is “it;” this player sits in the center of the room with his eyes closed while the other players scatter to the room’s four corners, which should have numbers assigned. Once the players are in position, “it” calls out the number of a corner. All the players in that corner are out. Players now have a chance to change corners if they wish to. Once they have, “it” calls out another number. This process repeats until only one player remains. The winning player then becomes “it.”

5. Disco diva dress up relay

One of our favourite party games because you laugh so much!! You’ll need about 10 items of clothing per team. Visit cheap two dollar stores and pick up anything with sequins and metallic fabric – basically the more garish, brightly coloured and out there the clothes are the better this party game will be. Aim to have a complete disco diva look with things like tutu, pants, scarf, sunglasses, hat, feather boa, shirt, gloves etc.

Let the kids choose the order they’re going to race in. When you start the music, the first child runs to their team’s pile of clothing on the other side of the room and puts everything on over their own clothes. It doesn’t matter how or where they wear it, just as long as nothing falls off when they run. Once they’re wearing the entire disco diva outfit they run back to the starting point, take the clothes off and then the next child dresses up and runs to the other side of the room where they remove the clothes. They then run back to the start and tag the next child who runs to the clothing pile and dresses up. The winning team is the one where every child has worn the disco diva clothes and removed them all first.

6. Balloon dance

Children must dance in pairs while keeping a balloon between their backs. The goal is to not let the balloon fall out or pop. The winning pair in this party game are the last ones dancing with their balloon.

Don’t expect kids to just dance solidly for 2 hours, even if you think you’ve compiled the world’s best disco and dance playlist. The key to a successful disco or dance themed party is to keep the kids entertained and interactive with plenty of fun party games.

Tips for party games /disco games

  • You can easily adapt old favourite musical party games to fit with your theme for example at a princess party pretend when the music stops the evil stepmother turns them to ice statues. Also pick cd’s to fit with your theme.
  • Musical party games can often result in children being ‘out’ on a one-by-one basis so keep the game moving swiftly before they loose concentration. Encourage those who are knocked out to join you as a fellow judge.
  • Leave a few books or games on a sofa nearby for a shy child to play with who doesn’t want to join in, but encourage them to join in the next game.
  • Have lots of small prizes for the winners but also for those who are the funniest dancer, coolest dancer, loudest singer etc so they all feel they have a chance.
  • For the faster moving games such as musical chairs, musical statues and disco choose music with a fast beat to keep things lively.
  • Running out of time? Look out for musical party game kits such as a pass the parcel kit from Party Pieces.
  • Party Classics or Pop Party CD have some all time classics to get the party started. Or theme your party music!
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