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16 Songs with Dance Moves to Teach Kids: with Video Instructions!

From The Time Warp to Gangnam Style. How many of these songs with dance moves could you teach your kids? How many could they teach you? Why not use this time at home to shake your groove thang and learn these dances for kids! These are our favourite dance moves for kids!

Songs with dance steps for kids to learn

Music is good for the soul, and when songs are accompanied by dance moves for kids that EVERYONE can learn, you’re on your way to an energising, boredom busting, lounge room laughter and fun fest! We’ve found the best songs with dance moves, and popped in a video for each as a handy tutorial reference. Warm up with the Timewarp, then slow it down a little with the Macarena, before turning up the pace again with The Twist. How many of these best dance songs can you get through before collapsing in a heap? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for adult dances or kids dances, the challenge is on!

Easy dance routines to popular songs

How many of these songs with dance moves do you know?

1. Macarena – Los Del Rio (1996)

Singing along to this one is a bit of a tall order, so make sure you really blast out that “Heeeeeyyyy Macarena, Ayyyy!” The Macarena is the tongue-twister of dance – is it shoulders, then hips, or hips and then waist? Get it right and get in the rhythm. This one will take you back to those carefree days BC (before children!) and before you had to find dance moves for kids!

2. YMCA – The Village People (1978)

A classic at weddings and social events, this grandparents right down to toddlers can shake this one out. Get the whole family doing the YMCA together as a Zoom challenge! If you are looking for dances for kids to learn, this is one of the most popular kids dances.

3. Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

It’s totally hilarious, side-stepping, toe-tapping, high energy fun – it’s The Timewarp! Line the kids up and see if they know their left from their right in this monster fun dance from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This tune and the accompanying steps is one of the easy dances on our list!

4. Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper (2000)

After a recent resurgence, this is one the kids will probably teach you! The Cha Cha Slide will get you sashaying your hips as you step through the called moves. Be warned, this one is a real workout for the legs, but so much fun!

5. Locomotion – Kylie Minogue (1987)

Can this one really be from all the way back in 1987? It sure can! Kylie Minogue had ‘trains’ forming and hips swinging in discos across the globe with this fun locomotion dance. It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits, if only for the chance to wow at those amazing eighties’ fashions! Once of our favourite nostalgic dances for kids that is also one of the best toddler dance songs because it is so easy!

6. Stanky Legg – GS Boyz (2009)

There’s nothing easier than the Stanky Leg; it’s one of those really cool dance moves that somehow has the kids in hysterics whenever they see their grownups attempt it, but don’t let that put you off. Turn up your ice-cold freeze factor by donning your sunnies (yes, indoors!), throw on an oversized baggy t-shirt and get ready to show the kids a thing or two about who’s cool in the home school!

7. Whip/Nae Nae – Silento (2015)

If you’re a parent of a child in primary school or older, you will be familiar with the Whip/Nae Nae song. It swept the world with it’s catchy tune and easy dance moves for kids. If you’re still wearing your sunnies and baggy t-shirt from doing the Stanky Leg, you need to launch straight into this one!

8. 5, 6, 7, 8 – Steps (1998)

Remember that brief boot-scooting revival at the turn of the century? This is the funked-up dance version of 5, 6, 7, 8 Steps that anyone can follow. It’s easy, but can you go the distance? It’s far more ‘aerobic’ than you might think!

9. Gangnam Style – PSY (2012)

We’ll never be allowed to forget this surprise dance-floor hit that came out of nowhere! With its unique and easy dance moves for kids that are instantly recognisable as Gangnam Style – even without the soundtrack – this one will live on in the hearts of big kids and little kids everywhere.

10. The Twist – Chubby Checker – (1960)

It is IMPOSSIBLE to sit still when you hear Chubby Checker singing The Twist. The tune is so catchy it’s endured for 60 years and is still known by everyone! The Twist is a beautifully simple dance that anyone can do, from toddlers to grandparents – and you can even add your own ‘twist’ to it with a ‘mashed potato’ or two.

11. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus (1992)

Bringing country to the mainstream, back when mullets were cool the first time around, Achy Breaky Heart is a boot-scooting classic with easy-to-learn dance moves.

You can find a video on how to dance the steps to Achy Breaky Heart here.

12. Agadoo – Black Lace (1984)

Novelty songs with dance moves were all the rage in the eighties, and Black Lace lead the way with Agadoo. It’s tropical theme and nonsense lyrics were an instant hit. The dance moves to this one are easy. If you’ve made it this far having danced to all the others above, you’ll be please to know you can sit down for this one and let your arms do all the work!

13. (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop (1974)

Grab a pair of your widest flares and round up your mates for the ultimate boogie anthem.

14. Nutbush City Limits – Ike & Tina Turner (1973)

Belt it out loud and proud:

A church house, gin house
A school house, outhouse
On highway number nineteen
The people keep the city clean….

How cute are these dances by teachers doing the Nutbush!!?

15. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift (2014)

Get ready to groove and shake off those worries with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”! Learning the dance moves to this upbeat and catchy song is a blast, making it one of the coolest dances for kids and grown-ups alike. Start by rocking to the rhythm and letting loose with Swift’s signature moves. From sassy shoulder pops to playful footwork, the choreography is designed for pure fun. Get ready to be the dance floor sensation in your own living room!

16. Vogue – Madonna (1990)

Get ready to strike a pose and channel your inner Madonna with the iconic dance moves to “Vogue”! Learning the choreography to this classic hit is like stepping into a glamorous ’90s music video. As Madonna herself would say, it’s all about expressing yourself and embracing the fabulous.

The Vogue dance is a mix of sleek hand gestures, graceful arm movements, and, of course, those signature Vogue poses. With each flick of the wrist and stylish pose, you’ll transport yourself to the era of high fashion and timeless pop. Whether you’re a dance floor diva or just starting your dance journey, Madonna’s Vogue provides a chance to unleash your inner star and feel the rhythm of this legendary anthem. So, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!

Songs with dance moves for dances by kids

Outdoor Dance Classes

Did we forget your favourite easy dance routines to popular songs? Or your kids favourite songs with dance moves? Tell us in comments and we might just add it to our list!

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8 thoughts on “16 Songs with Dance Moves to Teach Kids: with Video Instructions!”

  1. 1. Step your right foot out to the side and back to the centre. Do this twice. Then step your left foot to the same move.
    2. Step your right foot back twice and bring back to centre. Repeat with left leg.
    3. Bend your right knee and lift your bent leg across your body. Twice. Repeat with left leg.
    4. This time lift your right leg up straight, across your body. Twice. Repeat with left leg.
    5. Now jump in the air, spreading your feet apart. Jump again with both feet together and turn your whole body to the right. Clap your hands as your doing the turn.
    6. Repeat all moves.
    Best of all, enjoy your self.

  2. I’m in my mid fifties and I still remember being taught to dance to Nutbush City Limits and Let’s do the Timewarp. They were always great fun and best of all you didn’t have hold hands with the boys who always “oohed” in a bad way which always took the fun out of the dance. I’m glad to hear they are still being taught that sort of thing today.

    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂 We completely agree!! We 100% love these songs with dance moves! 🙂 That is why we wrote this article…. we love keeping up this tradition!


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