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Keeping Kids Safe | Day Trips Brisbane

Trips out with your family are meant to be all about having fun and making memories. Nevertheless things don’t always go to plan, so being prepared for any unwanted outcomes can make your day out just that bit safer and easier.

safe day trip

Tips for Safe Day Trips Around Brisbane

Here are our top tips for safe day trips Brisbane and beyond!


Many playgrounds still use woodchips or sand as a ground covering which makes it easy for sharp objects such as broken glass, wires/metals and syringes to remain hidden.  Before your children are let loose for some fun take them for a quick scout around the park area and surrounding grass to check for dangerous objects. If nothing is visible, slide your shoe or a stick along the ground to see if there are any dangers just below the surface.

Dress for Success

Dress your children in comfortable, tight fitting socks and runners and make sure those little feet remain safe inside them. Explain to your kids that the park isn’t like the sandpit at home and that many people use this space, sometimes leaving behind broken bottles and other items that can easily hide beneath the surface. As feet are vulnerable to these types of injuries it is best that they keep their shoes on while playing in public spaces.

Stranger Danger

If someone shows up that is making you uncomfortable teach your children to come back to you immediately so that you can make a quick exit. Having some particularly delicious snacks handy always makes the task of leaving easier.

Safety in Numbers

When visiting an area that you don’t know well, it’s a good idea to bring another adult long with you. This will make the trip easier and hopefully will provide you with support if the trip doesn’t go to plan. It is also a good way to stay safe.

Bring Your Mobile Phone

Bring your mobile with you, ensuring it is fully charged before you leave.

Water to drink

Water on hot days or after exercise and playtime never goes astray so pack enough for everyone to avoid dehydration, and heat exhausted temper tantrums. Encourage them to drink water with these tips.

Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide, Seek

Hats and zinc/sunscreen are your sun safe friends so don’t forget to invite them on your next outing. Long sleeved shirts, sunglasses and seeking refuge in the shade are also good tips. See more sun safe tips here.

Dangers above

Watch out for magpies at the park. If it appears to have been taken over by birds that swoop to protect their territory you may need to move on. It just depends on how aggressive the bird appears to be which will require your expert judgement as a parent.

First Aid Essentials

Finally, bring along a simple pack for outings which consists of band aids, antibacterial, some wipes, sting spray, tweezers and anything else you deem may be necessary. It’s rare that I have an outing with my kids in which someone doesn’t get hurt. Here is a list of what you really need!

To keep the outing upbeat, it is advisable to be prepared for any event – but don’t forget to have fun!

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