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Wilston State Primary School | Parent Fact Sheet

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Wilston State Primary School

Number of Students:


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Why Choose Wilston State Primary School?

Wilston State School fosters a caring and supportive school environment that encourages a love of learning. The school has academic, sporting and cultural programs that are high quality and inclusive. This creates a sense of belonging and helps students become well-rounded and confident.

The school was established in 1920 and maintains many of its proud traditions. It also embraces new technologies and teaching approaches to ensure students reach their full potential.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

Wilston State School has a distinctive curriculum offering core subjects and a range of programs designed to extend and enrich the students’ learning opportunities. The core subjects align with the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Other Australian Curriculum subjects include Civics and Citizenship from Year 3, Economics and Business from Year 5 and Languages (Japanese) in Year 6.

Specialist teachers provide lessons in physical education, visual arts and dance, music and Japanese . There is an extensive music program with instrumental tuition in strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, as well as opportunities to join the school band and choirs.

Students have the opportunity to take part in the Wilston science competition and Wilston speech competition. There are also Young Scholars and High Achievers Programs that link to local academies.

Wilston State School has a demonstration skipping team – the Wilston Wild Ones, a Chess club, and an active student council.

Incursions and Excursions are undertaken to enhance classroom learning, and the school also offers camps for Years 4-6.

Facilities at Wilston State School:

Wilston State School has beautiful grounds with a mix of modern and heritage buildings. It has a pool, oval, adventure playgrounds, cricket pitch and nets, and tennis courts. There is also a covered play assembly area.

The school has two fully equipped computer labs and a range of communication technologies including iPads, an interactive table, and interactive boards in most classrooms. There are also other devices and software available to help students inquire, communicate and create.

Other information:

The school participates in International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).

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  1. I, too, had a teacher by the name of Mr Claude Allen who was called ‘Bulldog’ because he looked like one. He would be in heaven by now as I am 73 years old.

  2. I was a pupil at this school during the 39-45 war, there was a Mr. Thomas and Mr, Claude Allen who was my teacher in grades 6 and 7, I used to walk to school from 5th Ave Wilston, live opposite the bakery owned by George Bott and after school cleaned out the stables, taking the manure home for our garden. also, in those days watered, rolled and marked the tennis court next door, owned by Mrs .Biddle and was paid the princely sum of one shilling and threepence, my age now is near 86.


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