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new farm state school
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If your family is considering New Farm State School, you’re probably looking for some more information.

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Why choose New Farm State School?

New Farm State School is an historical school built in 1901. It strives to achieve excellence in both academic and social outcomes for students.

The curriculum and additional programs are taught in the context of global change and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of self, communicate effectively and develop innovative ways of learning and complex thinking skills.

What are the curricular and extra-curricular offerings at New Farm State School?

New Farm State School has a full range of curriculum offerings, with specialist teaching in the Arts, Technology and Languages Other Than English (LOTE). The school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, providing support services for students experiencing difficulty in these areas.

The school uses differentiated instruction to modify the curriculum and teaching methods to meet the individual needs of students in any one classroom. This ensures instructions is relevant, flexible and responsive, and encourages all students to take part in respectful work that is challenging, engaging and meaningful.

New Farm State School also offers an enrichment program and a community education program.

What are the facilities like at New Farm State School?

Many well-maintained facilities are available for student use, such as: a grassed oval, netballl court, tennis court, swimming pool, adventure playgrounds, sand pits and long jump pit, a rainforest outdoor learning centre, water tank for recycling, library and multipurpose hall, and computer lab. Many classrooms have interactive smartboards for engaging students in learning and classrooms each have a bank of computers for student use.

Any other information about New Farm State School?

The school has camps and excursions to enhance the students’ learning experiences.



Address: Heal Street, New Farm, Queensland Australia

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