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Chapel Hill State School

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Why Choose Chapel Hill State School?

Chapel Hill State School is a co-educational school for Prep to Year 6. The school adopts an holistic developmental approach to education, ensuring students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to develop in all aspects of their lives. The school grounds are surrounded by trees and bushland that create a peaceful environment for learning.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

Chapel Hill State School offers Spanish and Chinese language lessons for Year 4 students, and German for Years 4-6. The school supports students endeavours in national competitions for Mathematics, Science, English and Computer Studies.

The school also focuses on Music and Health & Physical Education from Prep through to Grade 6. The sporting program includes Interschool Sport, Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming. The music program offers instrumental tuition in Strings (Years 3-6) and Brass, Woodwind and Percussion (Years 5-6). There are also different choirs students can join according to their year level.

A Special Education Support Program is provided for all year levels, and Years 3-6 have access to IGNITE – an extra-curricular program designed to spark academic passions in students.

Other extra-curricular activities include the Chess Club, Student Leadership program, and Camping for Years 5 and 6.

Facilities at Chapel Hill State School:

The school has wireless facilities, and all classrooms have networked desktops with flat screen monitors. Teachers are developing virtual classrooms to help improve learning outcomes, and in Prep, students use iPads and a range of apps as part of a targeted learning program.

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