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St Mary of the Cross School Windsor: Parent Fact Sheet

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Number of students:


Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Mary of the Cross School?

St Mary of the Cross is a Catholic school that inspires students to be “One in Christ” through learning, faith, and action. It provides a personalised, active and interactive learning environment that encourages excellence through student-centred learning.

The school teaches scripture and Catholic beliefs, and encourages prayer and celebration of faith. There is also a strong focus on recognising and celebrating the gifts and talents of students, and encouraging outreach through service to others.

St Mary of the Cross is a multicultural inclusive school that promotes friendship and peace, and celebrates difference.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered at St Mary of the Cross:

St Mary of the Cross School’s core curriculum teaches English, Maths, Science, Study of Society and the Environment (SOSE), Art, Health and Physical Education and Indigenous Cultural Studies.

It offers specialist lessons in Spanish, PE, Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Library and Yoga.

Religious education is based on Brisbane Archdiocese guidelines, and aims to help students see and understand ‘God with us’ in everyday life. The school also supports the parish-based sacramental program.

Students can also take part in a range of extra-curricular activities including dance lessons and concert, a traditional dance group and gymnastic lessons. They can also become library monitors and join the Mini-Vinnies group.

Facilities at St Mary of the Cross School:

Library, laptops and iPads.

Other Information:

The school offers before and after school care and a vacation care program.


Website: http://www.stmaryofthecross.qld.edu.au


22 Grafton Street, Windsor, Queensland, Australia

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