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Parent Fact Sheet: Petrie Terrace State School

Small but mighty, Petrie Terrace State School in Paddington may be the educational solution you’ve been looking for.

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Why Choose Petrie Terrace State School?

Petrie Terrace State School is a small inner-city school for Prep to Year 6. The school provides a safe and supportive learning environment for students to strive towards academic excellence. Its quality curriculum has high standards for literacy and numeracy, which are embedded into all students’ learning.

The school’s inclusive philosophy celebrates the diversity of its community. Students are taught holistically, and are supported through gifted and talented programs, music programs, and a range of learning support programs. The campus facilities and eLearning infrastructure ensure every student is provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What curricular and extra-curricular offerings are there at Petrie Terrace State School?

Petrie Terrace State School is part of the Australian Sports Commission’s “Active After School Communities” (AASC) program, which provides students with two, free, quality after-school activities each term. These activities develop motor skills and focus on mobility, encouraging even non-active children to get excited about exercise. Circus skills, yoga, climbing the Kangaroo Point cliffs, kayaking the Brisbane River, dancing and treasure hunts are just some of the types of activities students take part in.

The school’s sport program also includes a swimming carnival and an athletics carnival each year. Students can also be selected to compete at District, Regional and State events.

There’s an extensive music program in which students can undertake music lessons with a specialist music teacher each week. The class music specialist works with all students from Prep to Year 6. All students have an opportunity to learn Strings, Percussion and Drums, and take part in Rock School.  For Years 4-6, tuition is available for other musical instruments. Students can join the Senior Choir and the Piccolos Choir. Music is also celebrated at the weekly whole school assembly.

What facilities are there at Petrie Terrace State School?

The Maeve Coughlan Memorial Hall, affectionately known as ‘Bumble Town Hall’, is a multi-purpose facility with two general learning areas, a dedicated music room, and practice and recording room. It is open most of the time for recreation and learning, and school assemblies.

Petrie Terrace State School also has a resource centre with both wireless coverage and mass data connections servicing a computer lab; and a spacious library that is used both for classroom sessions, and as a sanctuary for developing a love of reading.

E-Learning facilities support the school’s digitally rich learning curriculum. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards, two desktop workstations and access to wireless laptops, iPads and notepad devices. There is wireless coverage across the campus, and an impressive network infrastructure to all workstations in the school, ensuring continual connectivity.

Classrooms are large and open with lots of windows and natural light and sliding doors to outdoor verandahs and spaces. There are communal learning spaces for students to work individually or in groups, and these also provide space for presentations and performances.

Petrie Terrace State School has a large oval that includes a large sandpit and outdoor playground equipment. An undercover outdoor playground has climbing equipment, sandpit and slide over a soft fall base, providing a safe environment for younger students to play and explore.

The school also has netball and basketball courts, that can be adapted for other games, and shaded and undercover meal areas for students to enjoy the natural surroundings during their breaks.

The school also uses rainwater tanks, with six 3000-litre steel tanks nestled into building alcoves to provide water for buckets and watering cans for classroom gardens. Another two 15,000-litre tanks service the Multi-purpose hall’s toilet systems and external tank taps.


Website: http://www.petrieterracess.eq.edu.au

Address: 40 Moreton St, Paddington, Queensland Australia

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