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toddler birthday party ideas
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Toddler birthday party ideas, get your toddler birthday party ideas! Here are some fun and fabulous solutions to that age-old question – what do little kids actually DO at birthday parties?

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas – Games

Here’s the thing about little kids. You know it and we know it. They don’t actually need a whole lot to keep them entertained. Don’t let Pinterest fool you! You can easily set up and run quick and simple kids party games without going to great expense or stress.

Dance Dance!

Best Toddler Party Games

Pump the tunes and watch those happy little bodies dance! Toddlers and babies love nothing more than a bit of a dance so some fun, unstructured dance play is the perfect choice for a toddler birthday party idea!

Musical party games for little ones are always a winner, and this is our favourite party game for young children! Get the dress up costumes out (like chunky beads, sunnies and glitter hats), set up a play list of popular songs and let the good times – and camera – roll!

If you have any budding singers in the group, give them a microphone like this, so they can sing along too. 

Free Play!

Drag out the wooden toys, building blocks and cars for some free play on the floor or in the garden (under shade, of course!). Children benefit hugely from free play – it can help with hand-eye coordination, social development and cognitive growth. Just make sure there’s supervision to deal with the inevitable ‘sharing’ dispute!

Dress ups!

Another great toddler birthday party ideas (and photo opportunity) is letting the little ones dress up to their hearts’ content. You can provide costumes or just elements of costumes – even your old shirts and skirts! Kids absolutely love a dress up and it’ll provide endless joy and giggling for supervising parents.

If you want to buy some stuff, often the best place is jumping online where you can buy things super cheap.  Things are that are always a hit with kids are like chunky beads, sunnies, glitter hats and feather boas.

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Toddler birthday party ideas – food

Our website has a range of great recipes that can be used and adapted to cater for your toddler’s birthday party!

Follow these links for some yums! Some of these are holiday themed but, depending on your party style, can be adapted to suit the season! Enjoy (but be sure to save us some!).

Toddler birthday party ideas – don’t forget the parents!

The final ingredient for making your toddler’s party POP? Don’t forget the adults! Ensure you’ve got seating, food and beverages to cater for all of them. You might want to think of a game or something that’ll help the parents bond as they watch their little charges teeter around the garden.

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