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40 Jaffle Fillings | Ideas for Nutritious, Easy Midweek Dinners

We’ve gone jaffle CRAZY at the Families Magazine office – what’s your number one choice for jaffle fillings?

Jaffle fillings – the question that stopped a nation

Well, close enough.

For when the weather gets that little bit cooler. For when the tracky-dacks start coming out of the cupboard. For when (let’s be honest) you really can’t be bothered trying that hard. There’s just one phrase on everyone’s lips here at the office…


They’re a common ground. They’re a touchstone. They’re so delicious that you’re thinking about them right now, aren’t you? Crispy bread. Warm jaffle fillings. Steam coming out of the jaffle iron. Maybe a cup of hot tea with it… I feel like I’m writing a romance novel. Ode to jaffles.

We asked our amazing Facebook community what they thought the BEST jaffle fillings were and here’s what they said…

Traditional Jaffle Fillings

These hearty meals will satisfy even the hungriest jaffle fan!

  1. Leftover roast meat with cheese
  2. Leftover roast meat with gravy
  3. Left-over spag bol and cheese
  4. Braised steak and onion (with or without cheese)
  5. Roast veggies with grated cheese
  6. Burrito or taco fillings with cheese
  7. Slow-cooked meat with cheese
  8. Mashed potato and gravy

Sandwich-y Jaffle Fillings

Looking for a lighter jaffle? A jaffle on the go? To get you out of a jaffle snaffle? (Stop it, Lou)

  1. Ham, cheese and a scrape of vegemite
  2. Ham, cheese, tomato, savoury mince and cheese
  3. Ham, cheese and pineapple
  4. Chicken, mayonnaise, salt and pepper
  5. Tuna, cheese and mayonnaise
  6. Ham, cheese, tomato and avocado
  7. Hot salami, onion, tomato and cheese
  8. Chicken, pineapple and cheese
  9. Chicken, cheese, avocado and mayo
  10. Ham, cheese and BBQ sauce
  11. Creamed corn and cheese
  12. Onion, cheese and tomato sauce
  13. Honey
  14. Salmon, cheese and pickled onions
  15. Vegemite and cheese
  16. Boiled egg and vegemite
  17. Chicken, cheese and sweet chilli sauce
  18. Anchovies and salami
  19. Peanut butter and cheese
  20. Avocado and cheese

The campfire classic jaffle fillings

There’s something so Aussie about these ones!

  1. Baked beans and cheese
  2. Tinned spaghetti
  3. Waffles over the camp fire (amazing suggestion!)

The artisan jaffle fillings

You could open a trendy café with these bad boys! Some of these suggestions are amazing, deluxe dessert options! Who knew?!

  1. Puff pastry cut in half and laid across the length of the jaffle maker. Mash one tablespoon of banana (or similar) across each side. Top with Nutella. Put on the second layer of puff pastry.
  2. Canned peaches and sugar
  3. Puff pastry with stewed APPLEs, sugar and cinnamon (THIS IS AN APPLE PIE JAFFLE FILLING oh my goodness!)
  4. Ham off the bone, tomato relish, sliced tomato and triple cheese.

Best jaffle sandwich makers

If you are looking for the BEST jaffle sandwich makers – we’ve got some recommendations:

Cheap and cheerful jaffle sandwich maker

We like this one above – click here

Mid-range jaffle sandwich maker

jaffle sandwhich makers

This has 5 stars in its reviews – find it here.

Top of the range jaffle sandwich maker

This Breville BSG600BSS Perfect Press Sandwich Press is luuuuuvrerly – find it here

Jaffle fillings – so many to choose from

I’m just going to type the rest of this quite quickly because I’m so inspired by this list that I’m half in the car to go and get some ingredients. Did we miss any? Are your favourite jaffle fillings represented? Speak up! Tell us your ideas in the comments!

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1 thought on “40 Jaffle Fillings | Ideas for Nutritious, Easy Midweek Dinners”

  1. We call these toasted sandwiches.
    A true jaffle is round, and definitely not divided in two. (Later square ones are acceptable). The bread MUST overlap the edges. (Any pieces cut off are delicious, especially if they have some of the filling attached, and b) they are from a previously used jaffle iron and are slighty warm and cooked.)
    Traditional filling is ANY good leftovers. Can be made at home on a gas stove, or on a BBQ or camp fire. The edges must be very, very crunchy and the insides almost to hot too eat. There is a real art in filling them so that they are REALLY full, without their guts exploding when you cook them, and messing up the stove.
    Otherwise my first (at home, many many years ago) were vegemite, cheese, plus whatever I could find in Mum’s fridge!


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