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There are plenty of great options available for kid friendly yoga classes in Brisbane. This is such a good thing when you look at some of the wonderful gifts that attending a regular kid’s yoga class can offer your child. Kids yoga has something to offer every child, whether they’re a sports star in the making or shun group sporting activities out of fear of being picked last, encouraging them attend a regular kid friendly yoga class can help them in the classroom, sports field, at home and in their relationships with others.

Powerful stress management tool

  • Yoga is a powerful stress management tool. Imagine being given this gift when you were a child? How much different would your life be today if you were given a simple yet powerful tool to manage and control your stress as a child? Kid’s yoga classes help by teaching them to:
  • Breathe correctly and adjust their breathing to help control their thoughts and emotions
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Develop a healthy body awareness
  • Develop confidence in their own physical body through improved balance, coordination, strength and flexibility

What do kids wear to yoga?

Kids don’t need any special clothes for yoga. Shorts or leggings and a comfortable t-shirt or singlet are all they need. Yoga is done barefoot, so no socks, tights or shoes.

How much does kids yoga cost?

As you can see there are no outlays for clothing, shoes or equipment, making yoga a very inexpensive sporting activity to start your child in. Most yoga classes offer 8-10 week terms and some allow casual attendance of classes so you can ‘try before you buy’ and commit to a full term if you’re not sure your child will like kids yoga. Most kids yoga classes are around $110-135 per term.

Preparing for a yoga class

It’s best for your child to attend yoga after a light snack rather than a full stomach. Encourage them to have a glass of water before class and go to the toilet. Most yoga studios don’t like people bringing food into the yoga studio so keep any snacks in the car for afterwards.

Kids yoga classes available in Brisbane

Tawa Yoga: Suite 2, Unit 14, 53 Metroplex Avenue, Murrarie. Phone: 0488 110 298

One Family Yoga and Fitness: 105 Seville Road, Holland Park. Phone: 0458 771 073

Pretzel Kids Yoga: Wavell Heights. Phone: 0402 365 385

Angel Yoga 4 Kids: Unit 4, 301 Water St, Fortitude Valley. Phone: 0412 564 757

Inna Bliss Yoga: 1/57-59 Oxford St, Bulimba. Phone: 07 3901 4780

Om Yoga Wellness Centre: 22/500, Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park. Phone 0434 628 094

Pine Rivers Yoga: 1 Pinedale Rd, Cashmere. Phone 0434 775 645

Stretch Yoga: Level 1, 967 Logan Rd, Holland Park. Phone 07 3157 3100

Whispers of Wellness: Unit 4/30 Kelliher Road, Richlands. Phone 0431 258 038

Ripple and Shine Heart Centred Yoga: Kenmore Hills. Phone 0407 698 277

Give your child the gift of flexibility, balance and co-ordination along with a lifelong tool for stress management by enrolling them in a kid friendly yoga class in Brisbane.

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  1. Wendy Meurs says:

    Hi, I am trying to find a yoga class for my 7 year old granddaughter. She lives at Narangba which is Northside
    I believe this would be very good for her as she suffers badly with Anxiety. l look forward to hearing back from you, Regards, Wendy

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