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FREE South Bank Playground | Riverside Green Playground

Are you looking for the South Bank playground?

South Bank Playground for Families & Kids in Brisbane

Saturday October 3, 2015 saw the opening of the brand new playground in South Bank, Brisbane. The area had been closed for many months and fully fenced to allow for the improvements to continue steadily through the winter, but now it is open and fully functioning for Brisbane Families to enjoy the new facilities.

South Bank Playground Facilities

The new playground which is suitable for all ages includes:

  • All purpose built interactive play elements including a high skywalk and cute toddler boat, slides, swings, ‘spider web’ climbing nets and a ‘mouse wheel’;
  • Brand new landscaping including new plants, new trees and new grass;
  • New lighting for evenings;
  • Soft/spongy flooring.
South Bank Playground

The Skywalk

It’s high!! But it’s a great climb for older kids – our 8 year old loved it!

Riverside Green Playground

The Swings

Swings can be problematic in a park due to kids swinging and other kids not watching where they are walking! Keep an eye on your kids around swings! South Bank have sensibly located these to the side of the play area, but accidents can still happen!

Riverside Green Playground, South Bank
Mouse wheel and slides

Mouse Wheel and Slides

The slides are made of metal and with our hot, sunny Queensland weather, the heat attracted and omitted by the slide will always be a factor at playgrounds. This was considered in the new playground design. The tubular slides are stainless steel however this transmits less heat than plastic slides. Also, the exposed ends of the slides are covered by shade sail throughout the day to prevent these areas over heating. Like anything, when kids are playing, adult supervision is required and care should always be exercised. Remember to slip, slop, slap, slide and seek.

The flat slides are very fast, so we would recommend for older children.

The mouse wheel is EXCELLENT fun. But again, with lots of kiddies playing in there at once, supervision is required!

Toddler Boat South Bank Playground
Toddler Boat has wheelchair access

The Toddler Boat

The Toddler Boat has been designed to be fully inclusive and usable by kids with or without disabilities. There is easy wheelchair access around the equipment, lots of places to grip and hold on stairs, rails, etc. plus there is room for carers to accompany kids on the equipment.

Location of the New Playground

The new playground is located in the centre of South Bank, near many of the cafes (Steam is the closest) and restaurants. If you were standing with your back to the river it is to the RIGHT of the swimming pools and water playground. There used to be a smaller playground there, but this was removed to make way for this brand, spanking new one! If you have never been to South Bank, head to the Brisbane River, and walk along the boardwalk – you cannot miss this playground from there!

Our verdict

The new playground at South Bank is AWESOME!! The toddlers will enjoy the boat and the ‘mouse wheel’ if they are not on with older kids. The older kids will enjoy the slide, climbing nets and sky walk. Older toddlers will enjoy the swings. As said above, all play needs to be supervised to ensure everyone remains safe and having a good time!

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Other Facilities at South Bank, Brisbane

South Bank is an exceptionally family friendly location that has become a firm favourite with Brisbane Families and visitors alike. Our other top picks for visiting South Bank would be the Picnic Island Playground, and South Bank’s water playground, Aquativity. Both are places where you can spend hours or evens days playing with your kids, sipping both hot and cold drinks, picnicing and just hanging out. The many flat paths are excellent for bicycles and scooters.

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