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things to do near brisbane airport
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Looking for things to do near Brisbane Airport if you’re stuck waiting for a layover or your flight has been delayed?

We’ve got a few creative ideas that won’t take you too far away so you don’t miss that all important boarding announcement. Check out what we came up with!

Stuck for things to do near Brisbane airport? Don’t be!

Airports, huh? Is there any place on earth more boring – especially when you’ve got kids to wrangle! When your wait time stretches out to a couple of hours you might feel the panic start to set in when your only options are over-priced food and over-priced gift shops. And then trying to stop your kids from completely annoying all the other bored and waiting passengers!

Here are a couple of close-by ideas that might appeal after you’ve checked in and your luggage is safely stowed where it needs to be.

Discount: Jet Flight Simulator Experiences

Birds, bats and superheroes all struggle with their envy of the F/A-18 Super Hornet – discover why with today’s awesome offer from Air Combat Centre! You’ll love being in control as the pilot, but be careful – you might just have to take on a few missions or air-to-air refueling, or fighting your enemies! Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about getting in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 Next Generation airliner. You’ll be guided by the experienced instructors as you cruise from the airport of your choice. Ready for takeoff, Captain!

Did we mention there was a discount on offer?? See the discount offer here.

Things to do near Brisbane Airport: Go Kart Racing

things to do near Brisbane airport

Slideways Go Karting offers families the chance to burn off some energy and have some fun within kooo-ee distance of Brisbane airport. It’s a multi-level complex that’s Brisbane very-best go kart experience. The perfect antidote to bored kids at the airport looking to really let loose.

You can find more information about Slideways at this link. 

Things to do near Brisbane Airport: Urban Xtreme

Hit the slopes… in Brisbane?! This is an indoor snow and ski venue that’s an absolute godsend for parents with kids who are busting out of their skin (so… yours). Urban Xtreme is the hottest place to chill out in Brisbane. Where else in Queensland can you ski, snowboard, trampoline, play laser tag, run the Ninja warrior and AND do a parkour course? Only at Hendra’s Urban Xtreme – right near the Brisbane Airport!  You can read our write up about them right here (and use our discount code!). 

Shop at Skygate near the Brisbane Airport

TK Maxx at Skygate

TK Maxx has just opened a new store and it’s beautiful and huge and the prices are perfect for a sneaky shop before you take off – we love the photo album.. and the kids clothes… and the menswear and the homeware… oh.. we just love it all!

Things to do near Brisbane Airport: Toombul Shopping Centre

Just a short trip down the road will find you at Toombul Shopping Centre.

It’s certainly not one of Brisbane’s biggest shopping centres which is actually perfect in your position – you’ll be able to easily navigate all that is there. We recommend:

BCC Cinema – watch a movie at BCC Cinemas. There are also multiple fashion stores, an Aldi, Bunnings, a Target, KMart, Coles as well as a food court with all the usual suspects.

Got kids with you? There is a small indoor playground in the foodcourt.

Things to do near Brisbane Airport: Donut Time!

Oooooooooh deliciousness. VERY close to Brisbane Airport (just head back towards Sandgate Road) you’ll find a Donut King and a Cold Rock Ice creamery. Make sure you’re able to fit into your plane seat afterwards!

Things to do near Brisbane Airport – Got any idea?

Got any hot local tips for travelers that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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