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St Martin’s Catholic Primary School Carina | Parent Fact Sheet

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Number of students:


Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Martin’s Catholic Primary School?

St Martin’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive Catholic community that promotes positive relationships in classrooms, school and the broader community. The school provides a caring and supportive environment based around the philosophy “We Can Work It Out”.

The school covenant includes Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Property. Students, staff and parents work together to create an environment that supports students in their development as lifelong learners.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered at St Martin’s:

St Martin’s has implemented the Australian curriculum for English, Mathematics, Sciences and History and is continuing to implement other subjects from the curriculum. Learning areas are generally taught in an integrated manner (e.g. a unit of work may incorporate English, Art and Science). Stand alone units are also developed in cases where it is not possible to integrate learning areas.

Students can become involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities including excursions (e.g. art gallery visits) and camps.

The school’s musical options include instrumental music tuition, bands, the recorder ensemble, and choirs. There’s an extravaganza evening to showcase music and drama.

There are numerous sports options, sports teams and a canoeing program. St Martin’s also has special interest groups, chess and games clubs, and a school vegetable garden.

Facilities at St Martin’s Catholic Primary School:

The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is integral to the implementation of the curriculum. It provides quality resources and information services that facilitate and support the teaching and learning goals of the school. The LRC has a full-time Teacher-Librarian and a full-time Library Assistant.

St Martin’s has also established a Contemporary Learning Village, with classrooms that are contemporary in look and feel. There are tables, rather than desk, which promote collaborative learning. The rooms have data projectors for visual learning, and provision for wireless connectivity. The centre room is called The Buzz, and is equipped for cooking lessons, robotics and science activities.

St Martins School vegetable garden was set up in mid-2012. It features raised garden beds that are 400mm high, providing easy access for all students from Prep to Year 6.


Website: http://www.stmartinscarina.qld.edu.au/


66 Broadway Street, Carina, Queensland, Australia

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