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Parent Fact Sheet: Cannon Hill State School

Cannon Hill State School is renowned for high quality education in an excellent setting. Is this the school that you’ve been waiting for?

Cannon Hill State School

Number of students:


Why choose Cannon Hill State School?

Cannon Hill State School offers a balanced program of literacy, numeracy, physical development and the arts. The school encourages a love of learning and makes wise use of computers and other technologies to enhance students’ learning experiences. Students have personal learning plans for Literacy and Numeracy to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Goal setting is a core part of preparing students for their future role in the world. Students are also encouraged to be curious, to inquire, and to think about big and enduring ideas.

What is the curriculum like? What about extra-curricular activities?

All children at Cannon Hill State School take part in Italian classes. An Italian Extension Program is also available.

Cannon Hill’s music program includes 30-60 minutes of classroom music each week. Students learn to build an appreciation and understanding of music and are actively engaged in making music. Professional musicians also visit the school each year to give students exposure to live, professional music performances.

The school has a guitar teacher and two piano teachers providing tuition for individuals and groups on a user-pays basis.

Students with musical aptitude can learn a brass or woodwind instrument and join the school band. There’s also a Percussion Ensemble drawn from a weekly Music Extension class where musically capable students experiment with xylophones, drums and other percussion instruments.

Cannon Hill State School also has a Show Choir, accessible by audition, for Years 4-6 students. Each year, in the middle of Term 4, the school holds ‘La Serata Musicale’ to showcase the band, choir and percussion ensemble.

The school offers a range of outdoor activities. Swimming, tennis, Running Club, BMX bicycle club and sports teams all contribute to the students’ physical health development. Other activities focus on the environment including: Environment Warriors (Green Team), Environment Club, Kitchen Garden, and Active School Travel.

Other activities include Art Club, Book Club, Computer Club, Reading Plus and Lexia Reading, U2B Project and other online extension programs.

What are the facilities like at Cannon Hill State School?

Cannon Hill State School has a library resource centre with computers, a Smart Board, and an extensive array of reading materials.

The school also has dedicated spaces designed to promote creativity and self-expression. The gorgeous Atelier of Light is filled with light, shadows, mirrors, colours and other materials that ignite students’ imagination and provide a place where brains, hands and emotions work together to explore scientific concepts. Atelier Studio is a space for upper-school students to reflect and be creative.

There are adventure playgrounds, covered grass play areas, an oval with cricket pitch, swimming pool and multi-purpose basketball, netball and tennis courts.

You will find the following facilities:

  • Resource Centre/Library
  • Swimming pool
  • Tuckshop
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Sound Abatement
  • Atelier Studio
  • Atelier of Light
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and Kitchen
  • Multi-purpose basketball, netball, tennis courts
  • Oval with a cricket pitch
  • Undercover Hall
  • Covered grass play areas

Any other information about Cannon Hill State School?

Cannon Hill State School is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, in which Year 4-6 students gather produce from the school garden and learn to cook them in the school kitchen.

The school also runs other programs to support children’s thinking, including Student Leadership, Rock and Water, Restorative Justice, Advanced Learners Philosophy groups and the Pre-Prep Program.




845 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill

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