Parent Fact Sheet: Morningside State School

morningside state school
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Morningside State School offers students premium education at a convenient location just south of the city. Read on to determine whether or not this is the school for your family!

Number of Students:


Why choose Morningside State School?

Morningside State School is a Prep to Year 6 campus that aims to create lifelong learners. The school provides a balanced education through a broad and exciting selection of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Literacy and numeracy are at the heart of the school’s academic pursuits, and students are provided with a supportive environment in which to develop their skills and knowledge. The school also embraces the Healthy School – Smart Choices and Smart Moves policies that focus on the health and well-being of students and create opportunities for them to be active.

What curricular and extra-curricular pursuits are on offer at Morningside State School?

Morningside State School’s extra-curricular programs enrich the students’ educations.

Students have an opportunity to express their artistic creativity through Drama Club, choirs, school bands and the ukulele band.

The school provides tuition in a Chinese language, and also offers a study tour to Japan.

There’s a homework club, leadership program and chess club.

Students can also try out to be part of the school’s award-winning cheerleading teams.

In terms of curriulum, Morningside State School offers innovative and creative interpretation of the national curriculum – ensuring all students are well positioned for success in their later years of education.

What facilities are there at Morningside State School?

Tuckshop, ‘Bite Right Inn’, operates on Fridays from the second week of each term. It serves popular, healthy food that promotes the idea of healthy living and eating. Also, an OSHC service is available, run by the schools P&C Association. This high quality care program runs before school from 6.30 am and is open after school until 6 pm.



Address: 67 Pashen St, Morningside, Queensland Australia

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