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St James Catholic Primary School Coorparoo | Parent Fact Sheet

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Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St James Catholic Primary School – Coorparoo?

St James is a co-educational Catholic primary school for Prep to Year 6. The school’s vision is to create a learning community where Christian values are lived and integrated. The focus is on learning and acting with heart and mind.

Students are continually given opportunities to develop skills that help them grow physically, spiritually and intellectually.

Relevant technologies are used for a variety of tasks, and their use is integrated into the curriculum.

Religion is an integral part of St James school life. The students are taught about God and parents are asked to teach their children to love God.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered at St James Catholic Primary School:

Students at St James Primary school take part in excursions, which provide experiences that can’t be achieved in the classroom. These excursions are designed to complement the learning program and are not optional extras. The costs are covered in the fees, and all students are expected to attend.

Children in Years 5 and 6 attend a three-day camp that helps them learn about, appreciate and respect our environment. The camps are also important for developing independence and skills in social interaction.

Arts at St James Catholic Primary School:

St James Primary school has a strong arts program. The art teacher works with children from Year 1 to Year 6 in one hour lessons. Specialist teachers conduct drama and music lessons ranging from 40 minutes with younger children to 60 minutes for older students. From Year 4 onwards, an instrumental music teacher offers lessons and organises workshops with visiting musicians to improve musicianship and band performance.

All children take part in the Arts Showcase held each October. The full day event includes band performances, singing and movement activities and dramatic presentations, along with displays of painting, sculpting, clay modelling, print and 3-D constructions.

Sports at St James Catholic Primary School:

There is also a strong physical activity strand at St James. All students from Year 1 onwards take part in swimming in term 1, and cross country in term 2. Games skills are also developed in term 2, with athletics in term 3 and a dance program for term 4. There is also a skipping program and Go Sports specialised teaching in terms 2 and 3.

Students can also take part in the Hollows Social Justice Group

Facilities at St James Catholic Primary School:

The school is networked providing students and staff with access to the internet and email from the library, administration area and every classroom.


Website: http://www.stjames.qld.edu.au


92 Kirkland Avenue, Coorparoo, QLD 4151

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