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St Kieran’s Brighton | Parent Fact Sheet

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Are you looking for information about St Kieran’s Brighton? We have the facts you may need.

Number of students:


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Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Kieran’s Brighton?

St Kieran’s is a Catholic co-educational school for Prep to Year 6. The school’s motto, ‘Strength Through Caring’ is reflected in the welcoming atmosphere in which students are encouraged to notice the best in themselves and others.

The school focuses on developing the whole child, ensuring students grow emotionally, spiritually and physically, as well as academically. They not only learn to read and write, develop knowledge and creativity, but they also learn to collaborate, create and problem solve together. This style of learning helps develop confident and creative citizens who can contribute positive change in the world.

Fundamental elements of Catholic education underpin all learning at St Kieran’s with students taught the importance of love, hope and courage, along with forgiveness and reconciliation.

St Kieran’s works in partnership with parents in a shared mission of educating students.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered:

St Kieran’s teaches the Australian Curriculum with specialist programs in Music, Art and Japanese.

There are numerous extra-curricular activities on offer.

The school provides weekly swimming lessons in Terms 1 and 4 at St Joseph’s Nudgee College. Tennis lessons are also offered before and after school.

The school also runs the Dance Cart program in Term 2, culminating with a performance for the whole school community. This is a fun physical activity that also assesses students against the dance strand in the Arts Syllabus.

The music program is extensive, with tutoring available for piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute and drums/percussion. There is a Year 4 band and a Senior Concert Band.  The school also has three choirs: Junior for Year 3, Middle school for Year 4, and Senior Choir for Years 5 and 6.

Students in Years 4-6 can participate in an Enrichment Program that develops skills in particular areas they have a passion for. This can include sewing, photography, science, robotics, gardening, and building, to name a few. Activities are conducted in small groups enabling students to develop a quality product will also improving their social skills.

For students who want to test their knowledge and understanding, there’s an opportunity to take part in ICAS Maths, English, Science and Computer Skills competitions.

St Kieran’s also has a Leadership Program for upper primary school students.

Facilities at St Kieran’s Brighton:

All classrooms are air-conditioned and have a fridge for storing school lunches. The school has interactive whiteboards, computers, iPads and educational software. Students can access computers in their own class, and in Years 5 and 6 they can take part in the one-to-one laptop program.

The school has beautiful grounds and a large undercover play space, along with a sand pit, playgrounds, tennis court, Handball court and basketball hoops.

Other info about St Kieran’s Brighton:

St Kieran’s has a buddy program that matches each Prep student with a Year 5 or 6 student. The buddies get together once a week to take part in activities that are linked with classroom curriculum content.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at St Kieran’s?

St. Kieran’s has a range of extra curricular options to choose from.

Sports wise, St. Kieran’s provides students with a number of different sports to join, including AFL, Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football and Rugby Union.

Culturally, St. Kieran’s has a variety of options, including performance band, choir, chess club and gardening club.

What are the public transport options to St Kieran’s?

St. Kieran’s is well serviced by public bus.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at St Kieran’s?

There are no boarding options for St. Kierans.

Does St Kieran’s offer scholarships and how do we apply?

St. Kierans does not offer scholarships.

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15 Greenwood Street, Brighton, Queensland, Australia

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