Chess Clubs Brisbane – Checkmate, baby! Here’s where to get involved

chess clubs brisbane
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Chess clubs in Brisbane have a lot to offer players and their families. If you’re looking to be more involved in this activity, here’s where to start.

Chess Clubs Brisbane

Chess clubs in Brisbane (and beyond) are often offered as part of the co-curricular activities in secondary schools. Sometimes you can find them in primary schools too! Your FIRST port of call should probably be to check with your child’s librarian to see if they’re currently offering lunch time chess sessions.

If your child is looking to expand their playing outside of the school context, however, here are some links to get you started.

Brisbane Chess Club, Wooloongabba

Make this your first stop. They’re the premium chess club in the BNE area. They run tournaments and leagues and are widely acknowledged as an absolute authority on all things black and white checks.

Southside Junior Chess Club, Carindale

This is a club that meets at the Carindale Library (it’s on the bottom floor of the shopping centre) every Friday night during school terms from 7-9pm. All school ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. This can be a great place for your chess-crazy child to make new friends and connections.

Why play chess?

Chess can offer your child a wide range of skills and opportunities that can connect to their wider learning.

It promotes spatial awareness, hand eye coordination, planning and thinking and consideration of consequences and ‘next steps’. The slow pace of the game provides ample opportunity for contemplation as well as conversation.

Chess can be a great way for your child to connect to like-minded individuals and find a real place for themselves, particularly if they often have difficulty aligning their interests with the mainstream. 

Play with your child

If you’re having trouble finding chess clubs Brisbane (and admittedly, there aren’t many) then see if you can learn the game yourself and play with your child. You could even start your own mini league with friends from school!

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