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Parent Fact Sheet: Nashville State School (Brighton)

Heard of Nashville State School? It’s a great option for northern Brisbane families – but what can it offer your family? Here are the facts.

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Why choose Nashville State School?

Nashville State School is a co-educational primary school for Prep to Year 6, based in Brighton in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

The school has implemented the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and History and focuses on developing the seven General Capabilities of students set out in the curriculum. Teachers use Education Queensland’s Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) materials to plan units for the Australian Curriculum and adapt them to meet individual student needs.

Nashville State School also places a strong emphasis on reading and spelling, with Whole School programs to develop both.

The school also has an app enabling parents to keep in contact and up to date with school-related news and events via their Smartphones.

What curriculum and extra-curricular offerings are there at Nashville State School?

Within all learning areas, there is a focus on Literacy, Numeracy, ICT competence, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Behaviour, Personal and Social Competence and Intercultural Understanding. These capabilities are developed through the curriculum, co-curricular programs and in the students’ lives outside the school.

Students at the school also learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and the concept of Sustainability.

Nashville State School offers a music program for students in Years 5 and 6 to learn to play brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. A specialist teacher conducts the lessons and students can borrow instruments for a period.

The students are invited to attend and participate in various music festivals throughout the year to showcase what they have been learning. The program has a levy to cover the costs of servicing the instruments, participating in competitions and purchasing sheet music.

Apart from music, Nashville State School offers other Arts strands including dance, drama, visual arts and media. The school also teaches Japanese to students from Years 4 to 6.

What facilities are there at Nashville State School?

All classrooms have computers and access to the internet, along with interactive whiteboards and/or interactive data projectors. Nashville State School also has a computer lab with a class set of computers. The school has purchased a class set of iPads and plans to increase the number of these in the near future.

The school’s other facilities include a new multi-purpose hall, renovated resource centre, and remodelled classrooms with desks and computer pods, as well as kitchen facilities and alternative, life skill learning areas.

There are plenty of places for students to play including adventure playgrounds, covered areas, and an ‘edible garden’.

Any other information about Nashville State School?

The Whole School Reading Program uses Modelled Reading, Shared Reading, Guided Reading and Independent Reading to produce confident and competent readers. Students are explicitly taught word identification and comprehension strategies.
A large portion of the school budget funds a ‘Swarm Approach’, which involves having at least two trained teacher aides in the room, three times per week, when ‘Guided Reading’ takes place, enabling them to work with small groups and target individual needs.

The Whole School Spelling Program, similarly, teaches strategies and procedures to help students understand how words look and sound, how they change form, where they come from and what they mean. The school’s philosophy is that one of the best ways to teach spelling is to teach it within the context of writing. Students are provided with daily opportunities for writing, and frequent opportunities to explore and analyse words and apply their new spelling knowledge.

Nashville State School offers the Horizons Program to challenge and extend highly capable students, not only in academic achievement, but also sport, the Arts, sustainability and community engagement. The program opportunities vary from year to year according to the individual students and their areas of excellence.

A Support and Intervention Program is available to assist students with special learning needs to reach their potential. This program caters for learning difficulties, misbehaviour, and health and safety concerns. Teachers have assistance from a Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy, Advisory Visiting Teacher and a Guidance Officer, along with a range of other trained support teacher aides.


Phone: (07) 3869 7333

Website: https://nashvilless.eq.edu.au

Email: the.principal@nashvilless.eq.edu.au

Address: Cnr Baskerville and Douglas Streets Brighton, Qld 4017

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