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St Kevin’s Primary School Geebung | Parent Fact Sheet

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Number of students:


Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Kevin’s Primary School?

St Kevin’s Primary School caters for students from Prep to Year 6, providing excellent pastoral care within a Catholic environment. Families become a part of the school community, and lasting friendships are established.

The school’s quality curriculum is comprehensive with two streams at each year level. St Kevin’s aims to help students reach their full academic potential, while also developing Christian faith and acquiring social confidence and responsibility.

There is a commitment to the growth and development of the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and culturally.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered at St Kevin’s Primary School:

St Kevin’s Primary School teaches from the Australian Curriculum, and in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education guidelines.

The school offers music and physical education from Prep to Year 6, and Japanese to all classes from Years 3-6.

St Kevin’s has a specific focus on making Prep an educational experience that is fun and exciting, with a play-based curriculum nurtured by faith and values. Prep students use specialised facilities and equipment integrated into the wider school community to enable a smooth transition to Year 1 and beyond. Extracurricular activities include Robotics Club, Environmental Crusaders Club, Sports and Music Programs.

Facilities at St Kevin’s Primary School:

St Kevin’s Primary School offers outside school hours care before and after school and during school holidays.


Website: http://www.stkevinsgeebung.qld.edu.au


294 Newman Road, Geebung, Queensland, 4034

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