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Kedron State School

Number of Students:


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Why Choose Kedron State School?

Kedron State School focuses on a partnership between staff and families to achieve the best education outcomes for each individual child. All teachers know their students’ learning abilities and develop strategies to help them achieve specific learning goals.

The school has strong traditions and high expectations centred around developing young people to become considerate and creative thinkers for the future.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

Kedron State School incorporates the core Australian Curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography.

English focuses on literature, language and literacy using the processes of reading, writing, viewing and speaking. Science covers biological, physical, chemical, and earth and space sciences. Mathematics develops knowledge of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability.

The curriculum also provides study in the Arts (drama, dance, media and art), Health and Physical Education, Technology, Music and Language other than English (Japanese for Years 5-6).

There is an extensive extra-curricular music program, with specialist teachers in strings, other instruments, and music. Students are able to join choirs and a range of musical ensembles.

Kedron State School also has a Junior Japanese Club (Years 3-4) and Senior Japanese Club (Years 5-6).

Facilities at Kedron State School:

The school has a range of facilities that provide support and opportunities for learning, as well as a Tuckshop, Uniform Shop, and Out of School Hours Care.

Other information:

Kedron State School’s framework is ‘Kids Matter’. In support of this, the school runs the ‘You Can Do It’ program to support the development of the whole child. Lessons are held in every class across the school, covering topics such as confidence, resilience, organisation, persistence and getting along.

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