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Mary Mackillop Catholic College students
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Are you interested in Mary Mackillop Catholic College as an educational option? Read our parent fact sheet, we’ve got you covered!

Why choose Mary Mackillop Catholic College?

At Mary Mackillop Catholic College you will find a coeducational prep to year 12 educational environment undergoing a positive transformation. Innovative, forward-thinking developments are currently taking place to continue to ensure that the student learning experience is of the very highest quality.

Here you will find a plethora of meaningful ways for students to reach their very best potential on whatever pathway they choose. This is an identifiably Christian culture wherein the Gospel values of faith, forgiveness, honesty, hope, justice, respect, tolerance and trust are not only taught but lived. Academic, sporting, pastoral, artistic and spiritual pursuits are all given appropriate levels of respect and students can rely on passionate, creative staff to lead the way.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at Mary Mackillop Catholic College?

Given the ongoing works and development taking place at the College, it would be best to ask questions about these areas of interests during a school tour. This will give you the most relevant and up to date information as it pertains to your child.

What are the transport options to Mary Mackillop Catholic College?

Mary Mackillop Catholic College are part of the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS). If you think you might be eligible for assistance with transport you can visit thee School Transport website to apply.

The College itself employs private bus services. Upon request you will be given information about where the routes are in relation to where you live.

What are the school fees per year?

The following figures are all inclusive. Please note that there is a discount for subsequent children from the same family.

  • Primary: $2250
  • Secondary: $4500

What are the boarding options at Mary Mackillop Catholic College?

Mary Mackillop Catholic College does not have boarding facilities.

Does Mary Mackillop Catholic College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Mary Mackillop Catholic College is not currently offering scholarships.

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