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Toowoomba Christian College
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Number of Students:


Why Choose Toowoomba Christian College?

Toowoomba Christian College is a Prep to Year 12 co-educational establishment.

At the College, emphasis is placed on students developing a secure grasp on the fundamental skills needed for them to become effective communicators and members of their community. These core areas include literacy (both written and spoken), numeracy and information communication and technology.

Beyond this, it is the College’s desire and mission to help students discover and then develop their unique God-given abilities and talents. Opportunities for students to be exposed to and then extended in a range of areas are a key element of the College’s Curriculum.

Their  mission statement: Toowoomba Christian College exists to provide a Christian education that will prepare students in spirit, soul, mind and body, to serve the Living God in today’s world.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there?

Students can participate in the following sporting activities:

  • School carnivals (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country)
  • Regional and State Carnivals
  • Inter School Sport

What are the transport options to Toowoomba Christian College?

The College is serviced by Bus Queensland. Please contact Bus Queensland directly on 46331 1177.

What are the school fees per year?

The following figures include general tuition and technology fees. Other charges will apply. Please note that there is a discount for subsequent children from the same family.
• Prep to year 3: $2730
• Year 4 – 6: $2835
• Year 7 – 10: $4315
• Year 11 – 12: $4620

Section Tuition Fees Tuition Technology Per Month Per Annum
Senior High Years 11 – 12 $4,120 $500 $462.00 $4,620
Junior High Years 7 – 10 $3,815 $500 $431.50 $4,315
Upper Primary Years 4 – 6 $2,835 $283.50 $2,835
Lower Primary Prep to Year 3 $2,730 $273.00 $2,730

What are the boarding options at Toowoomba Christian College?

The college does not have boarding facilities.

Does Toowoomba Christian College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

The College is not currently offering scholarships. At Toowoomba Christian College, every day is Open Day! Arrange a convenient time for a personalised tour of these wonderful facilities.

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