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St Joseph's College
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Are you thinking of sending your child to St Joseph’s College? Have a look at the information we’ve collected in our parent fact sheet.

Why choose St Joseph’s College?

St Joseph’s College is a small co-educational school that caters for secondary students from grade 7 through 12. This is an institution built on a firm foundation of Gospel Values where students are called forth to make the very most of themselves. This pastoral environment seeks to allow students to grow and develop while supported by caring, wholesome adults who accept that mistakes are a part of growing up.

Originally developed as an all-boys Christian Brothers school, girls arrived in 1983. Students at St Joseph’s are truly blessed to be presented with a wide, innovative curriculum delivered by true professionals in wonderful surroundings.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at St Joseph’s College?

Students can take part in the following sporting activities:

  • Swimming
  • Rugby league
  • Soccer
  • Touch football
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Cross-country
  • Soccer
  • Rugby union
  • AFL
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

Students can take part in the following co-curricular activities:

  • Instrumental groups
  • Vocal ensembles
  • Music tuition
  • Debating and public speaking
  • Various clubs and societies (depending on student interest levels)

What are the transport options to St Joseph’s College?

This Toowoomba bus network map may help you best figure out public transportation options to the College. You will be provided with more information pertaining to your individual circumstances on a school tour.

What are the school fees per year?

The following figures are based on general tuition fees. Please note that there is a discount for subsequent children from the same family.

  • $4765 per annum averaged at $476.50 per billing cycle (10)

What are the boarding options at St Joseph’s College?

St Joseph’s College does not have boarding facilities.

Does St Joseph’s College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

St Joseph’s College is not currently offering scholarships.

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