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The Best List of Games for Kids | Old Fashioned and New Games

Games for kids don’t have to cost the earth or involve the latest technology! We’ve got a bunch of classics from our own childhood as well as some new ring-ins from the modern era right here. A sure-fire cure for the I’M BORED shouts that take place on the holidays, the weekends, the afternoons, the mornings and well – any time! (Why are these kids so bored all the time?!)

Old Fashioned Games For Kids

Get ready to get your nostalgia on as the kids let loose on some of these old classics.


Sometimes known as four square or downball, handball is a perennial classic that’s a hangover from our own childhood. Life was never as sweet as when you got to KING, and you never felt a shame so real as being sent back to DUNCE.

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games for kids handball



Sardines is a classic along the lines of Hide and Seek but with a cheeky twist. There is one hider and everyone else is a seeker. When you find the hider, instead of pulling them out of their hiding place you hide with them – crammed in like sardines! Eventually everyone is in the hiding place giggling away leaving one lone seeker. It’s fun, it’s silly and it’s inventive.

games for kids playing

Red Rover

When it comes to games for kids, the stakes are never higher than during a brutal game of Red Rover. Children try to get from one side of the yard to the other and are chased and stopped by the opposing team. You MIGHT want to have a little talk about getting too competitive as spirits can get very high during this one!

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A dark backyard, a couple fo torches and you’re all set! Spotlight is hide and seek played with torches and it is seriously fun. There’s something really exhilarating for kids about playing in the yard after the sun’s gone down. Definitely a super-fun family activity that will earn you some cool points.

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Games for kids – what’s your favourite?

Got any ideas we can add to our list? We’re thinking something low cost (preferably free), easy to explain and fun to play. If you’ve got something that matches that criteria we’re all for it! Let us know.

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