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Halloween Brisbane – Where to Trick or Treat Near Brisbane!

It’s Halloween! Where to Trick or Treat in Brisbane!

Looking for the BEST in haunted houses and trick or treat experiences in Brisbane? Try these venues in 2017 but remember if you plan to take the kids ‘out of your local area’ you may like to consider taking some ‘treats’ to replenish the supplies of the houses you visit. It can get busy in the popular areas.

Looking for a “safe place” to take your kids trick or treating in Brisbane?  You don’t have to be of Scottish heritage (or US for that matter) to enjoy a few spooky Halloween activities and some trick or treating here in Brisbane. There are plenty of Halloween street parties in Brisbane for kids who love a little dress up and a little scary fun!

Trick or treating tips:

  • Note that Trick or Treating usually starts around 5 – 5.30pm and finishes by 8pm.
  • Tricking is not really done in Australia, so don’t let little ones think they’ll be toilet papering a house!
  • Never let a child go alone.  Stay with your child at all times and inspect all treats before they eat.  All Halloween sweets should be sealed.  Don’t let kids eat anything from a broken package.
  • Take bottled water and limit how many treats kids can eat lest they become sick before the street party is finished.  Make a deal BEFORE you go on how many treats are up for grabs on the night!
  • Eat some good food before you go!
  • Be cautious on roads.  Although the street parties we’ve listed are pretty well known, local drivers may not be aware.
  • If you’re going trick or treating in your own street, keep in mind that not everyone is keen!  Stick to the neighbours you know or opt for an organised street party!
  • Treat buckets fill fast and sweets will be decanted into your handbag!  Take a bag for each child as you’ll be carrying their stuff (as always!)

Treasure Hunt for Halloween

Not keen to go out into the streets? These shopping centres have set up a virtual reality treasure hunt for you and your kids – all treats and no tricks (promise!)

Halloween Trick or Treat Street Parties – Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe and Sunshine Coast

(This streets list is compiled from various sources including ‘Brisbane Halloween Lovers 2017’ Facebook group, emails directly to us, comments on our website and PM’s to our own Facebook page)


Boon Street


15 Wynford Street


Woodgrove Estate – This one has been growing for years, it’s well organised and likely to be a great event.  Look for the balloons to know where it’s OK to trick or treat!


33 Groves Crescent

15 Groves Crescent

Boronia Heights

3 Ferndale Street (This is a CLASSIC if you’re on the southside!)

Bray Park

25 Kentwood Drive (Front yard set up with a graveyard complete with zombies!)

Brightwater (Sunshine Coast)

Kuluin Tallowood Drive


Bratchford Crescent

Camp Hill

Arrowsmith Street

Cannon Hill

19 Armstrong Road

81 Molloy Road

84 Whitworth Road

Collingwood Park

2 Beazley Court


Lendon st


4 Lottie Street


Raceview Avenue – This is a smaller one but it’s growing every year!  Surrounding streets also get involved!


84 Carinya Street

Karana Downs

15 Wandoo Court

5 Bundoora Drive

3 Corumbene Close


44 MacDonnell Road

55 Ernest Street


152 Striesand Drive


Blackwood Street – This is a highly organised street party with rides and other attractions

22 Emerald Place


Acemia Drive

New Farm

75 Sydney Street


Overlea Street Nudgee – Decorated houses, tons of neighbourly love and up to 100 trick or treaters in frightening costumes!


54 Imbros Street

Pacific Paradise (Sunshine Coast)

Brando Street and surrounds – this is a big one that attracts lots of people – “follow the crowds” is the advice on this street!


40 Hayward Street

171 Given Terrace


71 Hazleton Street


Seaville Avenue


2 Foxglove Court

Springfield Lakes

Zen Court


Gum Street


Henry St

Nelson St

Emma St

Park Ave


17 Rowell Street


Halloween Trick or Treat Street Parties Brisbane South, Logan, Redlands and Gold Coast

Boronia Heights

3 Ferndale Street (You can find this special house on Facebook here! Definitely a great Halloween spot if you’re on the southside!)


Oxford Street.  Hocus Pocus in the Park is the launching place and then there’s tons of trick or treating in streets nearby

Camp Hill

Lewis Street


Kidwelly Street – surrounding streets also get involved – take a stroll to find the best places!


Calamvale Central is having a day time hosted trick or treat event commencing at 10am


Capalaba Park Shopping Centre has a trick or treat event that’s best suited to smaller kids. It kicks off from 4pm


Maye’s Avenue – Most houses are on board – the unit blocks are not!


Many Harbour Village, Cambridge Parade. The Manly street party is a highly organised event. Learn more about it here.


1 Dunstan Street – one of our followers sent this in: I’m hosting trick or treating Sat and Mon nights. A lot of houses decorate and participate on this street, it’s a quiet area so it’s great for kids.

35 Mayfield Road

Rochedale South

8 Tentori Street

24 Mungala Street

Sinnamon Park

92 Windemere Avenue (in the Windemere Estate)


Ranch Street – This is a highly organised event that has a gold coin donation entry to raise money for research into rare cancers.  It’s been happening for nearly a decade and has extra scary stuff for bigger kids.  The legendary Halloween House is a must do for Brisbane families!

Halloween Trick or Treat Street Parties West Brisbane and Ipswich

Augustine Heights

Streets around Catherine Morgan Park – organised event in the park and then trick or treating for all!

Barellan Point

525 Junction Road


1 Bottomley Street

Collingwood Park

2 Beazley Court

Deebing Heights

9 Windsor Court

Cowie Street

Wyness Court

Piccadilly Court

Ebbw Vale

17 Whitwood Road

Flinders View

U2-11 Kevin Mulroney Drive


Mortlake Road – This is a well known and highly organised one.  Kids will have a ball!


15 Avon Street

Baillieston Street

North Ipswich

1 Edith Drive


11 Windermere Street

14 Mark Court


Bloodwood Place

Redbank Plains

27 Norton Sands Drive


8 Carlyle Street

Know of an amazing places to trick or treat between Brisbane and Ipswich?  Tell us – we’re dead keen to share!

Toowoomba Turns Up The Spook!  Trick or Treat Paradise!

Toowoomba is Spooky Town!  The city really gets behind Halloween with massively co-0rdinated street party events and hosted events.  If you’re planning a trip to Toowoomba, make it Halloween Weekend!

Aster Street – Centenary Heights
Hazel Street – Centenary Heights
102 Ramsay Street – Centenary Heights
137 Gorman Street – Darling Heights
Jennifer Crescent – Darling Heights
Nolan Street – Darling Heights
Stenner Street – Darling Heights (between Gorman St and Drayton Rd)
25 Bridge street – East Toowoomba (corner Curzon and Bridge St)
Cohoe Street – East Toowoomba
French Street – East Toowoomba
32 Ipswich Street – East Toowoomba
Leonard Street – East Toowoomba
Partridge Street – East Toowoomba
Balaroo Drive – Glenvale
Liquidamber Street – Glenvale
Dwyer Street – Harlaxton
Arabian Street – Harristown/ Drayton at least 2 homes
Buckland Street – Harristown at least 3 homes
11 Chilla Street – Harristown
Cnr Friend/Drayton Rd – Harristown
Noack Street – Harristown a few homes
Underwood Crescent – Harristown
Zimmerle Street – Harristown
Emma Drive – Kearneys Spring
18/303 Bridge Street – Newtown – apartment at front
16 Hanlon Street – Newtown
Jimbour Drive – Newtown
190 Russell Street – Newtown
Crowne Street – Rangeville
Kite Street – Rangeville
Leith Street – Rangeville
Pelican Street – Rangeville
Plant Street – Rangeville
Quail Street – Rangeville
3 Stockwell Street – Rangeville
Donegal Street – Rockville
21 Trousdell Court – Rockville
Norman Street – South Toowoomba
13 View Street – South Toowoomba 7.30 to 8.30
33 Champagne Crescent – Wilsonton Heights
Kingsford Smith Drive – Wilsonton
Paull Street – Wilsonton
Payne Street – Wilsonton

Halloween Trick or Treating In Brisbane

Next year, why not think about hosting your own street party in Brisbane

Halloween Street Party Brisbane - Go Trick or Treating IN Brisbane

Planning to host your own Halloween Street Party CLICK HERE for instructions and tips!

Have we mentioned your street party? We’d love to talk to you about your experience.  If you have any tips, tricks or concerns about Halloween Brisbane, please shoot us a message!

77 responses to “Halloween Brisbane – Where to Trick or Treat Near Brisbane!”

  1. Deb says:

    OMG this is the best article ever

  2. Emma says:

    Do you know of any around Ipswich? We’ve been looking for something to do!

  3. Kerri says:

    The Nudgee one isn’t just Overlea street. It’s really big. Hundreds of kids and other streets nearby get involved too. We go there every year.

  4. Erica says:

    Um, since when was Brisbane in America? We’re not going because we’re Aussie!

    • TAC says:

      It’s actually an old Scottish tradition. The US loves it, that’s true. We love it too because it’s just the best way to bring neighbours together and kids love scary stuff!

    • debbie says:

      Ummm…. you dont have to be a grouch some people actually enjoy it unlike you oh and how about you SUCK IT UP and just leave.

    • Kim says:

      Halloween is fun and it’s not American. It’s been commercialised by them but traditionally comes from many cultures- Celtic, Mexican, etc. kids love dressing up and getting free candy. Should Christmas be shelved too because that’s not technically Aussie either in origin.

  5. Kristy_Smitty says:

    There’s a really great one near Springfield Lakes. I’ll look it up and post here.

  6. Cheryl_Antony says:

    Any around Burpengary?

  7. Debbie says:

    Blackwood st, mitchelton is having a Halloween festival with rides, market stalls and trick or treating.

  8. TAC says:

    Added Debbie THanks!

  9. Emily says:

    Wooloowin gets behind it, streets such as Henry St, Nelson St, Emma St & Park Ave

  10. TAC says:

    Thanks Emily! Added!

  11. gale says:

    Parkland CRT boondall off Muller road is giving out candy, check it out.

  12. Meg says:

    Hi this may be a odd question but is it happening Monday Oct 31st?

  13. Sheina says:

    Is there a list for 2016 Halloween active yet? I’d love to add my house to the list. My sister and I are Halloween nuts and each year we go bonkers trying to build a great place for kids (and adults) We’ll be hosting trick or treating Sat, Sun and Mon night this year.

  14. Dean says:

    We will be having another Haunted House in Lendon st, Deagon this year!

  15. Steph Beames says:

    This is a wonderful list! Thank you!!! Are you updating for 2016?

    • Janine says:

      Yes we are doing that at the moment, updated as new places come to us to ask to be included.

  16. Rabey says:

    what is the absolue BEST suburb?? is it like around kalinga park??

    • Janine says:

      That depends on what you determine as the BEST! 😉 It’s a bit like Christmas lights – you just have to go and look and see which streets YOU like the best! 🙂

  17. Jess says:

    Hey, does anyone know when these are? (Halloween is on a Monday this year so I was just wondering if these events were on the weekend)

    • Janine says:

      I believe the trick or treating (dressing up and visiting your neighbours) will be happening on Monday night – yes a school night!

  18. Kylie says:

    Same here Jess, wondering if this year trick or treating would happen on Saturday the 29th, as the 31st is a school night? Maybe (probably) I’m a bit of a square ?

  19. Amanda says:

    Wow what a fantastic list.

  20. Rae & Kyl says:

    If you’re not scared of blood and you’re brave enough to ring the bell, there will be candy, if you can get past the alien from hell at 93 Zillmere Road, Boondall

  21. eleanor says:

    Kensington ave, seven hills brisbane

  22. M-A says:

    Hi there, you’ve listed Mortlake Road & Oxford Street but I can’t seem to find any of these on the Interweb. Can you tell me what time etc or do you have organiser details? Thanks

  23. M-A says:

    Hi there, is there any trick or treating near & around St Lucia, Indooroopilly, Toowong area?

  24. Marissa says:

    Just an FYI houses for trick or treating in brisbane are published on Facebook page group of Brisbane Halloween Trick Or Treaters And Ideas

  25. Jo says:

    Just moved to Aus and live in Sherwood. Any areas surrounding here good for trick n treating please.

  26. Jess says:

    Does anyone have a suggestion for the best spot for a two year old? Nothing too scary just a chance to trick or treat and have some fun dressed up? We’re around Chermside Thanks 🙂

  27. Kat says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome list. We are in the Sunshine Coast so I will update you as to how we go on Monday. I did notice though that Pacific Paradise doesn’t habe a Brando st, do u maybe mean Bando st? And Tallowood Drive is in Kuluin, not in Brightwater. Can you please confirm these with me so I know where to try? Thanks. Otherwise I might pop down to Beerwah instead 🙂
    The others around Brisbane, Scarborough and Shorncliffe sound great too, might try them out other years. Cheers

    • Erin says:

      I’m also on the Sunny Coast looking for safe areas to take my 8 and 5 year old. As I’m in Buderim, Kuluin definitely sounds like the best option. I know that last year there was a Facebook group that listed participating streets that you could join (it was a closed group so best to start looking early). Good Luck!

  28. Madeline says:

    We go all out at our place – Top of Delaney Circuit CARINDALE

  29. We are doing trick or treat for the seventh year running in Hayward St Paddington (and cross streets). We are also running a walk through haunted house in our garage!
    Look for the orange balloons on letterboxes for participating houses. Find us on facebook and Instagram -Paddington Halloween.

  30. Marissa says:

    Feel free trick or treat Molloy Rd Cannon Hill starts 6pm…hosts are dying to meet you.

  31. Michelle says:

    What night is Trick or Treat? Is it different in areas?

  32. Yvonne says:

    Hi. Are there any streets doing trick or treat in Logan tonight? (Sun)

  33. amy Richards says:

    Is the Toowoomba one on on Sunday or Monday, cause it says weekend. Just don’t want to miss out or be early.

  34. Moniva says:

    Hi there, I am new to Brisbane. We live in Bridgeman downs, which street is good to take our girls on Monday (tomorrow) night? Thanks heaps

  35. Bianca says:

    115 Todds Road Lawnton
    Amirage estate.

  36. Simone says:

    Is this for Actual day of Halloween so tonight?

  37. Debbie says:

    We’ll have plenty of candy at 90 Odense St, Fitzgibbon too….

  38. Virginia Foster says:

    Galah Place in Brightwater, Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast will have a some scary houses to visit on Halloween nigh!

  39. Virginia Foster says:

    Halloween tonight 31st October starts 5-5:30 pm until about 8-8:30pm

  40. Samantha says:

    Raceview Avenue Hendra 4011. I do a massive Halloween decoration every year. Feel free to trick or treat as I’ve always got candy.

  41. Cass says:

    we have a few kids in our street. St andrews avenue Birkdale. probably galf the street get involved

  42. Catherine righton says:

    Does anyone know anywhere kids can go trick or treating around bilinga and where you could find a halloween party

  43. Jacqui says:

    Come to nyleta street, coopers plains!

  44. Troy hill says:

    Hi this will be my 3rd year of setting my place up I do charity for pellety care we are at 2 Beazley crt Collingwood park

  45. Jesika says:

    17 rowell street zillmere 🙂
    First year of giving out candy

  46. Maria says:

    This list is amazing. I’m in Loganholme. and last year we did a trunk or treat but it seems like it’s not on this year. are there any streets in Loganholme participating or surrounding area’s

  47. Francis says:

    Is anyone doing Halloween for kids Saturday ?

  48. Belinda says:

    Hi, is there trick or treating at Moorooka this year? Or anything around Coopers Plains? Thanks 🙂

  49. Heather says:


    25 Kentwood Drive, Bray Park (not far from Gum Street, Warner which is already on the list if you’re heading there/in the area).
    I have quite a big set up in the front yard (Graveyard, and a zombie display), please come to have a look and enjoy! Trick or Treaters won’t be disappointed!

  50. Tracey says:

    Could you pls add my house to ur trick or treat house list. 24 Mungala Street Rochedale south. Thank you ?????????

    • Maria says:

      Hi Tracey, do you if any of your neighbors or surrounding streets are giving out candy as well?

  51. amy says:

    hope I’m not to late 🙁 can you also add 9 Leanne street marsden for treats? 🙂 the setup is nothing fancy though

  52. Susan says:

    Is there any streets in Runcorn/Runcorn Heights participating. Would love to go around with my toddler.

  53. Peter Holyoake says:

    I should’ve everyone’s our place in here earlier, we have a great haunt in Bulimba on Smallman Street
    We have;
    Cemetery, 8m spider web, skeletons, awesome pumpkin carvings (this year was Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice and Pennywise), dead dolls, mowing accident, lots of various skulls and bones, hung hession skulls, skull garden torches, lots of webs, chains, spiders and an awesome spooky lighting and audio display.
    It’s been growing last few years and this years fame attraction was a creepy clown jack in the box almost 4’ high.

    We love sharing with the kids and parents and it’s one street from Bulimba’s Hocus Pocus.

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