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UPDATED FOR 2019: Halloween Brisbane – Where to Trick or Treat Brisbane!

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Are you looking for Halloween Brisbane style? Did you just google: best places to go trick or treating near me or haunted houses near me?

Well, you have the correct article!! We know where to trick or treat in Brisbane – this article will give you a list of all the best places to go trick or treating near you that welcome you to enjoy their spooky decorated house in 2019!

When is Halloween in Brisbane?

If you are wondering when will people trick or treating in Brisbane, we can answer that. The majority of people on our list of trick or treat places in Brisbane will expect you on THURSDAY 31st October, 2019.

When do you start trick of treating?

Wondering what time to go trick or treating? Trick or Treating USUALLY starts around 5 – 5.30pm and finishes by 8pm. Individual houses have the right to start and finish whenever they want – please respect them. 

Kids Halloween costumes

Halloween Brisbane

We love the range of kids Halloween costumes on Amazon – so easy – click here to see the ones in the photo above. (Side note, I bought the alien Halloween costume for my son this year!)

Where to Trick or Treat in Brisbane Halloween 2019!

Looking for the BEST neighbourhoods with haunted houses and trick or treat experiences in Brisbane? Try these venues in 2019 but remember if you plan to take the kids ‘out of your local area’ you may like to consider taking some ‘treats’ to replenish the supplies of the houses you visit. It can get busy in the popular areas.

Please respect the residents of these homes who put so much effort into making incredible displays that everyone can enjoy – it is important to show respect and not ruin anyone’s fun.

Looking for a “safe place” to take your kids trick or treating in Brisbane?  You don’t have to be of Scottish heritage (or US for that matter) to enjoy a few spooky Halloween activities and some trick or treating here in Brisbane. There are plenty of Halloween street parties in Brisbane for kids who love a little dress up and a little scary fun!

Halloween Brisbane 2019 | Trick or treating tips:

  • Note that Trick or Treating USUALLY starts around 5 – 5.30pm and finishes by 8pm. Individual houses have the right to start and finish whenever they want – please respect them. 
  • Tricking is not really done in Australia, so don’t let little ones think they’ll be toilet papering a house!
  • Never let a child go alone.  Stay with your child at all times and inspect all treats before they eat.  All Halloween sweets should be sealed.  Don’t let kids eat anything from a broken package.
  • Take bottled water and limit how many treats kids can eat lest they become sick before the street party is finished.  Make a deal BEFORE you go on how many treats are up for grabs on the night!
  • Eat some good food before you go!
  • Be cautious on roads.  Although the street parties we’ve listed are pretty well known, local drivers may not be aware.
  • If you’re going trick or treating in your own street, keep in mind that not everyone is keen!  Stick to the neighbours you know or opt for an organised street party!
  • Treat buckets fill fast and sweets will be decanted into your handbag!  Take a bag for each child as you’ll be carrying their stuff (as always!)
  • Respect the displays and do not over-crowd (particularly if you have travelled to another suburb)

Places to trick or treat – Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe and Sunshine Coast

This streets list is compiled from various sources including ‘Brisbane Halloween Lovers’ Facebook group, emails directly to us, comments on our website and PM’s to our own Facebook page – thank you to everyone for participating! Please feel free to message us so YOU can be included as well!

Brisbane Halloween 2019

We are constantly updating this list as new information comes to light so please watch this space.

Albany Creek

65 Jagora Drive


26 Lever Street


63A Emperor Street


10-12 Boon Street


Poison Pumpkin Patch – 14 Arcola St

15 Wynford Street – Ghouls in Wynford Street 


10 Vincent Street

Bald Hills

2-8 Rothbury Street (Halloween Charity Event)


46 Belvedere Crescent – Belvedere Boo Grew

Tara Grove


27 Karena Street

Bracken Ridge

20 Geraint Street 

16 Barrabui Street

Bridgeman Downs

21 Dimboola Street 


5 Gordon Street

176 Lascelles Street


Henderson Road


67 Ronald Court (annual Halloween Spooktacular Maze!)

24 Avocado Drive 


1 Camellia Street

Chermside West

51-55 Kenna St (Neighbourhood party! Wooooooo!)


50 Biarra street – House of Death (note: this one will be SPOOKY)

Eatons Hill

3 Paringa Close

Everton Park

7 Fallon Street 

Ferny Hills

35 Ferny Way

4 Dya Place – Higgins Haunted Mansion


411 Robinson Road West


Howard St – The Howard Haunt


84 Carinya Street


12 Butterfly Drive 

Kelvin Grove

7 Rees Street 


44 Moraby Street


Blackwood Street – This is a highly organised street party with rides and other attractions

22/24 Emerald Place


64 Mellino Drive 

Murrumba Downs

25 Wattlebrush Court


24 Glorious Avenue – Haunting in Narangba

36 Waterway Crescent – Waterway Skeletons 


Overlea Street Nudgee – Decorated houses, tons of neighbourly love and up to 100 trick or treaters in frightening costumes!


54 Imbros Street – Nightmare in Nundah!

North Lakes

22 Pinnock crescent – Nightmare on Halloween Street 

Cowen Terrace

35 Friars Crescent 

31 Gibbs Street


40 Hayward Street


2 Meredith Street

9 John Street

31 Davis Street


107 Clayton Street

Sippy Downs

Mid 200’s on University Way


45 Melaleuca Drive – Creepy Haunt


48 Woodstock Avenue


64 Brisbane Road 


Munna Street – Wilston Spooktacular


1 Slessar Street

42 Alexander Street

Places to trick or treat Brisbane South, Logan, Redlands & Gold Coast

Acacia Ridge

34 Harden street – Harden Street Haunted House

Alexandra Hills

30 Garter Street

17 Kingston Avenue


4 Pigeon Court – Ghoulicious 


85 High St – Howling at the Moon 

Boronia Heights

3 Ferndale Street (You can find this special house on Facebook here! Definitely a great Halloween spot if you’re on the southside!)


Oxford Street.  Hocus Pocus in the Park is the launching place and then there’s tons of trick or treating in streets nearby

42 Karthina Street

Camp Hill

26 Lewis street – Arachnophobia (argh!)


16 Lewis Place

20 Lewis Place

21 Lewis Place

29 Lewis Place

31 Lewis Place

32 Lewis Place

33 Lewis Place

34 Lewis Place

49 Cottonwood Crescent

5 Perkins Street

96 Benhiam street

Earnshaw Street 


43 Wilson Drive – The Graveyard

Carina Heights

46 Hecklemann Street

202 Gallipoli Road 


Kidwelly Street – surrounding streets also get involved – take a stroll to find the best places!


Capalaba Park Shopping Centre has a trick or treat event that’s best suited to smaller kids. It kicks off from 4pm.

9A Kaye St

Collingwood Park

69 Lawrie Drive – Gorey on Lawrie

27 Pearse Street 

12 Stack Street

Coopers Plains

93 Nyleta Street – A Nightmare on Nyleta Street 


36 Amelia Street – Cheers Witches!


8 Ochna Street – Pirate Party

20 Trulson Drive 


3/39-41 Fryar Road

67 Wren Street

40 Monmouth Street

Ellen Grove

38 Stephen Street


55 Crest Road – Creepy Trees Manor

Holland Park

27 Grunert Street

Logan Central

17 Rudduck Street 

Logan Reserve

Cobblestone Avenue


Many Harbour Village, Cambridge Parade. The Manly street party is a highly organised event.

Manly West

11 Carnation Road – Witches Greenhouse 


18 Avalon Street


Lakes Entrance

Middle Park

103 Horizon Drive

27 Gertrude McLeod Crescent


1 Dunstan Street – The Witches in the Woods 

24 Wallace Street 

55 Lyon Street


98 Victoria Street 


2/17 Ivymount – Scarington Alley


14 Nalbaugh Lane

47 Albert Place


8 Bloodwood Place

Regents Park

65 Estramina Road 


71 125 Orchard road – The Ghoulish Graveyard

Rochedale South

6 Gawler Street

2 Tora Street

Seventeen Mile Rocks

46 Carlyle Street 


161 Ekibin Road (East)


64 Lancelot Street


19 Acacia Street


Ranch Street – This is a highly organised event that has a gold coin donation entry to raise money for research into rare cancers.  It’s been happening for nearly a decade and has extra scary stuff for bigger kids.  The legendary Halloween House is a must do for Brisbane families!


Daphne Place (there are a number of displays to check out in this street!)


127A Merrick Street 


45 Southgate Drive 

Places to trick or treat West Brisbane and Ipswich

Augustine Heights

Streets around Catherine Morgan Park – organised event in the park and then trick or treating for all!

Barellan Point

525 Junction Road


1 Bottomley Street – Maze of Terror


85 High Street


13 Moy Street

163A Pratten Street

52 Gosden Drive 

Deebing Heights

6 Starling Street 

Pintail Circuit


8/39-41 Fryar road

21/172 Fryar Road 

214 Kingfisher Street 


Mortlake Road – This is a well known and highly organised one.  Kids will have a ball!

Karana Downs

15 Wandoo Court


15 Avon Street 

1/19 St Andrews Drive


31 Milligan street


14 Mark Court – Creepy Carnival 

5 Lisa Court 

Hilldean Drive

8 Raceview Street


Bloodwood Place

Redbank Plains

Norton Sands Drive

Milford Street – Kozij Krazy House 

Springfield Central

1 Zen Court 

Springfield Lakes

12 Moonbeam Street

South Ripley

Tamborine Street


3 Caspian Court 

Know of an amazing places to trick or treat between Brisbane and Ipswich?  Tell us – we’re dead keen to share!

Toowoomba Turns Up The Spook!  Trick or Treat Paradise!

Toowoomba is Spooky Town!  The city really gets behind Halloween with massively co-0rdinated street party events and hosted events.  If you’re planning a trip to Toowoomba, make it Halloween Weekend! Watch THIS SPACE as we hope to update with street listings soon. 

A big thank you to the Facebook group Halloween Toowoomba and Surrounds for this fab map and list of addresses!

Places to trick or treat in Toowoomba | Halloween QLD 

  • 31 John Street, Cambooya
  • 9 Quarry Street, Cambooya
  • Aster Street, Centenary Heights
  • 5 Cranley Street, Centenary Heights
  • 4 Macquarie Street, Centenary Heights
  • 22 Cleary Street, Centenary Heights
  • 9 Roderick Drive, Cotswold Hills
  • 25 Liebke Crescent, Cranley
  • 11 Nolan Court, Darling Heights
  • 4 Dylan Court, Darling Heights
  • 9 Jamieson Court, Darling Heights 
  • 11 Harrison Court, Darling Heights 
  • 89 Luck Street, Drayton
  • 17 Brose Street, Drayton
  • 2/25 Kaytons Street, Drayton
  • 96 Margaret Street, East Toowoomba
  • 6 Lindsay Street, East Toowoomba
  • 40 Alistair Street, Glenvale
  • 1/3 Parkview Drive, Glenvale
  • 5 Balaroo Drive, Glenvale
  • 49 Strathconan Drive, Glenvale
  • 51 John Street, Goombungee
  • 101 Ruthven Street, Harlaxton
  • 33 Coonan Street, Harlaxton
  • 74 Warwick Street, Harristown
  • 5 Gascony Street, Harristown
  • Nowak Street, Harristown
  • 50A Warwick Street, Harristown 
  • 3 Wessex Street. Harristown
  • 24 Merritt Street, Harristown
  • 257 West Street, Harristown
  • 20 Muller Street, Kearneys Spring
  • 7 Sapphire Court, Kearneys Spring
  • Lockyer Street, Kleinton
  • 48 Bennett Street, Kleinton
  • Camborne Street, Kleinton
  • 7 & 9 Lockyer Street, Kleinton 
  • Heron Court, Kleinton
  • 209 Nelson Street, Middle Ridge
  • 17 Holt Street, Middle Ridge
  • 24 Calypso Crescent, Middle Ridge
  • 4 Steinhort Court, Middle Ridge
  • 28 Amos Crescent, Mount Lofty
  • 3 Westbrook St, Newtown 
  • 73 Rome Street, Newtown
  • 15 Vacy Street, Newtown
  • 11 Pottinger Street, Newtown
  • 37 Jimbour Drive, Newtown
  • 16 Hanlon Street, Newtown
  • 73 Hume Street, Pittsworth
  • Webb Street, Rangeville
  • 14 Ott Street, Rangeville
  • 24 Blue Hills Drive, Rangeville
  • 18 Sylvan Court, Rangeville
  • 8 Box Street, Rangeville
  • 5 Girrawheen Street, Rangeville 
  • 15 Marcia Street, Rangeville
  • 225 Bridge Street, North Toowoomba
  • 6 Chamberlain Street, North Toowoomba
  • 3 Edward Street, North Toowoomba
  • 22 Cranley St, South Toowoomba
  • 13 View Street, South Toowoomba
  • 1 Station Street, South Toowoomba
  • Beech Lane, Toowoomba City
  • 33 Elizabeth Street, Westbrook
  • 9 Vista Court, Withcott
  • 18 Claret St, Wilsonton Heights
  • 44 & 45 Wine Dr, Wilsonton Heights
  • 9 Hardy Court, Wilsonton Heights 
  • 10 Hinton Street, Wilsonton
  • 14 Coolawin Court, Wilsonton Heights
  • 25 Dalmeny Street, Wilsonton
  • 4 Paull Street, Wilsonton
  • 361 Tor Street, Wilsonton
  • 6 Baron Court, Wilsonton
  • 25 Linburg Street, Wilsonton
  • 52 Kingsford Smith Drive, Wilsonton
  • 56 Kingsford Smith Drive, Wilsonton
  • 17 Tara Street, Wilsonton
  • 14 Coolawin Court, Winsonton
  • 25 Dalmeny Street, Wilsonton
  • 13 Byrd Court, Wilsonton
  • 22 Wine Drive, Wilsonton Heights
  • 16 Sherry Street Wilsonton Heights
  • 2 Kensei Street, Wyreema
  • 5 Ashby Court, Wyreema

Thank you to the Facebook group “Halloween Toowoomba and the Surrounding Areas” for this awesome list!  

Toowoomba also holds some great events for kids!

  • Trick or Treating at Wyreema Hall. 28th October. $5 per child.
  • Halloween Kids Party at Wilsonton Hotel. 31st October 6-830pm.

Halloween trick or treating in Brisbane

Next year, why not think about hosting your own street party for Halloween Brisbane style?

Halloween Street Party Brisbane - Go Trick or Treating IN Brisbane

Planning to host your own Halloween Street Party CLICK HERE for instructions and tips!

Have we mentioned your street party? We’d love to talk to you about your experience.  If you have any tips, tricks or concerns about Halloween Brisbane, please shoot us a message!

96 responses to “UPDATED FOR 2019: Halloween Brisbane – Where to Trick or Treat Brisbane!”

  1. Jamick says:

    The Haunted Ranch in Ranch Street in Tingalpa has not been running for a few years. This may need to be updated as a lot of people are turning up disappointed.

  2. Trudi says:

    Our home, 6 Poinciana Cres, stretton, we do our house up

  3. Nadia Whateley says:

    Halloween on Hindmarsh Court Rochedale South is happening again!! Come and gets some treats or tricks. Fun for all ages. Come meet the singing pumpkins, the story telling ghosts some yummy treats and much more. Spooky fun starts at 5pm till late. See you there
    9 Hindmarsh Court Rochedale South

  4. Tay says:

    64 Parkside drive, springfield 4300

    Small display and lots of treats!

  5. Jade says:

    Am I able to leave my address for homes welcome for trick-or-treaters?

  6. Delynn says:

    First time in Brisbane for Halloween. We are in Old Farm. Looking for places for 2-4 year old grandchildren.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Thank you very much for the tip on Munna Street in Wilston. We went this past Halloween with the kids and it was easily the best Halloween we’ve seen in Brisbane. Dozens of houses gave out candy and as the comment noted, there was a full on haunted house, another house had life size animated phantoms and skeletons and there were literally hundreds of kids dressed up and trick or treating. It was amazing.

  8. Shane says:

    Sorry 17 Rowell street will not be participating tonight.

  9. Jenna says:

    11 Corypha Cresent, Calamvale
    Prepared to be spooked

  10. Jesika says:

    17 Rowell Street, zillmere
    Will be handing out candy.

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