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Halloween Party Food in a Flash!

We love Halloween in our house and every year the kids ask if we can host a Halloween party. Usually it’s a ‘no, too busy’, but this year, on October 31st, they finally convinced me to say yes. What was I thinking?! I had less than 24 hours to come up with a party food menu, and a huge part of that 24 hours needed to be given over to my full-time job, school and sleep. Make that maybe three hours available to shop and prepare food. Could it be done? With a little imagination, here’s what we came up with for Halloween party food in a flash!

Witch fingers

Witch fingers

This simple recipe involves buying a bag of ready-cooked cocktail franks from the deli counter, slicing off an oval for the nailbed, and pressing an almond sliver (or in this case, whole almond – time poor remember!) onto the nail bed for a very unpleasant looking nail. Score in a few lines for knuckles, garnish with tomato sauce blood and hey presto! you’re onto a winner!

Zombie scabs

zombie scabs

Mmm-mm, who doesn’t love nachos splashed with salsa, sprinkled with gooey cheese, and grilled until warmly picked fresh from the unfortunate zombie? Easy!

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Cat Vomit

Cat vomit

Funnily enough, no-one was willing to try this until I explained exactly what went into it. I promise you the cat played no part in its creation whatsoever!

This is actually yummy and I will use it as a dessert on other occasions (for family only!). It’s simply thick custard garnished with crumbled chocolate flake, smashed biscuit for texture, and a splash of dried fruit mix to give it that enticing appearance.

Halloween party food – the basics

You don’t need to whip up anything special for Halloween food. Renaming a few basics can add to the fun and atmosphere in a very simple way. Try these favourites from previous Halloween parties we’ve hosted:

Halloween party snacks
  • Vege chips, especially beetroot or sweet potato, can be dragon scales or picked scabs
  • Pickled cabbage is great as rotting flesh (maybe stick to the older kids for that one!)
  • Stuffed olives are lizard eyeballs
  • Tinned lychees stuffed with sultanas are a sweet eyeball alternative
  • 2-minute noodles makes great witches hair

You’ll have to excuse the photos; I’d never expected to use them for anything other than a personal memento, but you get the idea.

Party game

The above selection was created for a previous year’s party game called “ew, what’s in my mouth“. Our young party guests were blindfolded and had to guess what we were feeding them. Hilarious for the parents, and a little nerve-wracking for the kids, but totally safe and non-toxic – I’m not that evil, bwahahahaha!

Previous Halloween party food menus

This wasn’t our first Halloween party. Here are some ideas from previous years that I didn’t get chance to recreate on this occasion.

Monster eyes

Monster eyes

The grown-ups loved these and they’re very simple to make.

Scoop the yolk from hard-boiled eggs into a bowl and mash with a little mayo and curry powder before spooning it back into the white. Top with a slice of olive and garnish with sun-dried tomato and capsicum for the muscles that hold the eyes in the place.

The disembodied hand

Disembodied Hand

I rushed this a little and failed, but if I get around to trying again and it works then I’ll come back and update with a new photo.

To create a ‘disembodied hand’ you will need a brand new rubber glove – not the sort that you can inflate like a balloon, but the washing-up type that will hold their shape. Wash the glove thoroughly and turn it inside out, then stuff with finely (that’s the key word, and where I went wrong!) chopped fruit and berries. Pour jelly into the glove to fill the spaces and hold it all together, tie off the end with a rubber band or string, and freeze overnight.

To serve, cut the glove carefully off the frozen jelly hand, taking care to not snap off any digits (ahem), and place in a bowl filled with a cocktail of fruit juice and lemonade. Deliciously refreshing for an Aussie Halloween!

Watermelon brain

watermelon brain

This is another treat that you can go into a lot more detail with if you have the time. Carefully peel a half of watermelon, and carve in those wonderful brain-like swirls and cortices. 

More Halloween party food ideas

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