Cheap Public Transport Brisbane and Beyond!

cheap public transport Brisbane
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Are you looking for cheap public transport in and around Brisbane? Recent changes to the Queensland public transport system can mean savings for your family. An overhaul in 2016 by the Palaszczuk government has not only meant that changes in zones and adult fares but that… Wait for it…

Kids travel FREE on the weekends!

Free travel for kids in Brisbane & beyond!

Children up to, and including, 14 years of age are now able to touch on and off during weekends using their Child Go Card with no deductions taken from their accounts. How’s that for cheap public transport!?

These savings now cover southeast Queensland as part of a very long-awaited and expansive review of the public transport system. The aim is to provide cheap public transport and reduce fares across the board to make using public transport a more affordable and attractive option.

Other changes to public transport

The number of zones has decreased from 23 to just 8. This means that your adult ticket will have a much further reach than it did before. Changes can be seen below.

Old zone Old price New zone New price
1 $3.35 1 $3.20
2 $3.93 1 $3.20
3 $4.66 2 $3.90
4 $5.24 2 $3.90
5 $5.96 2 $3.90
6 $6.69 3 $5.96
7 $7.27 3 $5.96
8 $7.85 3 $5.96
9 $8.43 4 $7.85
10 $9.74 4 $7.85
11 $10.32 4 $7.85

If, for example, you wanted to travel from zone 3 to the CBD you would have paid $4.66 under the old system. Now you would pay $3.90.

Another change is that if you now travel on 8 paid trips you will receive 50% off the rest of your journeys for that week!

Where can kids travel using cheap public transport?

Take your kids for an adventure on the Brisbane River Citycat!

Check out what’s going on at GOMA!

Explore all that South Bank has to offer!

Enjoy Brisbane City’s best playgrounds!

Travel to the suburbs where kids eat for free!

Make a splash at a local public pool!

The options are endless. There has never been a better time to get out and see what our city has to offer. Happy travels!

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