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Are you looking for ways to save on groceries? We know that finding cheap groceries in Brisbane isn’t easy, but there are definitely ways to cut your spending and get some bargains at Coles Supermarket, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA and other Brisbane supermarkets!

Aldi Brisbane

In an independent study in 2021, Choice Magazine found that Aldi was still the cheapest place to shop for groceries. In short, what they found was that by switching to the store brand and choosing these supermarket brands over leading brands shoppers would always save on groceries at the checkout.

Golden Circle Outlets Brisbane

You can save money if you can get to either of the Golden Circle Outlets at Morayfield or Capalaba. This is a true food factory outlet. Golden Circle Factory Outlet was opened by the Corboy family in Capalaba in April 2010. They are not Golden Circle but have a contract with Heinz Australia/Golden Circle to sell their clearance stock and pass the savings on to their customers.

They also stock other major brands such as Cadbury, Kelloggs, McCains, Arnott’s, SPC and SunRice all at heavily discounted prices. Read their reviews on Facebook.

Inghams Factory Outlet

Here you will find bulk supplies of chicken and cheap prices.

Address: 86 Trade St, Lytton QLD 4178

Costco – North Lakes & Bundamba

If you are looking for bulk groceries in Brisbane then Costco is an absolute Mecca for those looking to save a few bucks by buying large quantities. You need to become a member to shop there but you will find aisle after aisle of goods for your family. Chemist items, cleaning items, pantry stuff right through to enough frozen items to see you through the year. They have a deli section as well as a bakery section.

In the middle of the store you’ll find a wide variety of items that might surprise you! Toys, clothes, shoes, homewares, cubby houses – American stores even stock coffins! There are electronic goods, watches, jewellery – you name it, it’s at Costco. Find out more about the North Lakes store here and the Bundamba store here.

Cheap Online Grocery Shopping

Almost 30% of Australian grocery shoppers say they’d consider doing their grocery shopping online, but only 3% actually do so, according to Roy Morgan Research. If you stick to your list and only buy what you need, this could be a good way to save money when grocery shopping.

Foodbanks Brisbane

If you are looking for other options for cheap groceries in Brisbane, we have listed 17 places that are Foodbank charities across our great city.

If you want to know a tonne of other ways to cut the cost of living in Brisbane, we have a detailed article.

Other ways to find cheap groceries in Brisbane

Here are our top tips to get cheap groceries and not spend as much on food when you are watching your pennies!

1) Use your mobile to help you save on groceries

You already know that you should be writing a list to save on your groceries bill. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Here is the quickest and easiest way to make sure you remember all the groceries you need to buy. Plus you’ll also ensure you don’t waste money buying duplicates that will end up in the bin because they’ll go out of date before you get to use them.

As you are wrangling kids, grabbing your handbag/nappy bag and mobile phone, make sure you stop to take a photo of the contents of your fridge and your food cupboard. How easy is that!!? It will help you check what you already have and where the groceries gaps are that need filling.

2) Popped out for milk and bread but spent $50?

Leave your handbag, purse and credit cards at home and just take the amount of cash with you that you’re prepared to spend. If you’re popping out for a loaf of bread or a couple of litres of milk just take the amount of money in your budget that you’re happy to spend – whether that’s $5 or $10. Going cash-only is a guaranteed way to not be sucked in by all the buy one get one free deals that can wait for another day and you will save on your groceries bill.


3) Buyer beware

I am a sucker for a ‘special’ ticket… BUT is that special you’ve just grabbed REALLY a bargain? Look at the small print of an offer you fancy to see what the saving actually is. Two for a $3 sounds fabulous but when you look at the shelf ticket and see that actually you’re only saving 10 cents maybe it’s not such a bargain after all. Be wise about ‘buy one get one frees’ (BOGOFS), how long is the date? Do you really need two and will you use them before they expire? Specials are not always the bargain they seem to be and don’t always help you save on your groceries.

4) Shop on a full stomach

I actually learned this one a while ago. I don’t always remember to do it – but I swear it DOES make a huge difference at the register! Supermarkets are sneaky and have special ways of targeting hungry shoppers by offering free tasters and wafting delicious smells around the store. Don’t be that person they are targeting! Save on groceries by shopping on a full stomach or buying a quick snack on your way in to the store to keep your hunger at bay. You’ll find it much easier not to be sucked in to all the offers tempted to make you spend, spend, spend.


5) Eye height is usually where the pricey products are

Brands actually pay to be at ‘eye height’ on the shelves. Supermarkets can be sneaky and place the most expensive items (earning them the most profit) at eye level – counting on the fact that those in a rush will just grab what they need quickly and head for the registers. If you are looking to save on your groceries, make sure you look up at the top shelf and down to the lower shelves to ensure you are getting the best price and deal for what you need.

6) Avoid the ends!

If you don’t want to be distracted from your list, avoid the end of aisle displays – this is the premium place for supermarkets to get you to spend more and buy items you never knew you needed!

7) Kids and supermarket shopping

This is the trickiest one of the list. Another tip about ‘eye height’. There’s a really good reason that supermarkets place snacks, cereals and comics at a child’s eye level and sweets at the checkout. It’s all part of a careful plan designed to harness pester power. Save on groceries and make your shop faster by going when your kids are at school or daycare or if you can, leave younger children with your other half or a friend.

If your children are shopping with you – agree in advance one treat that you’d planned to buy anyway. Get your child to put it on the list and then stick to that. If they are reading get them to tick off the items as you add them to the trolley.

8) Let someone else do your weekly shop and save money too!

I am not entirely convinced about this one but some shoppers say they save on groceries shopping online. In theory it is easier to keep track of your shopping as you go along when you shop online, plus you are less tempted to make impulse purchases. I tend to buy those ‘bulk/heavy items’ online and have them delivered.

Booking off-peak online shopping delivery slots brings the cost down and some are free when you spend over a certain amount too. Consider what you’d spend on petrol, time and how susceptible you are to deals and offers and often even a few dollars delivery charge can be cheaper in the long run.

We’ve got 7 MORE ideas about how to save on groceries from our friend Kell over at All Mum Said – click here.

Cheap groceries in Brisbane

What other tips do you have to save on groceries? Let us know in comments!

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