Costco Bundamba for Families – A New Home For Big Savings

costco bundamba
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When Costco Bundamba opens, Brisbane families will be introduced to a whole new way to save big bucks on the family shopping bill! Here’s the deal…

Costco Bundamba

costco bundamba map

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When will Costco Bundamba be Open?

Current plans state the Costco Bundamba site to officially open on 29 November 2018 if everything continues to go as plan!

The site is opposite the Puma travel centre and will cover over 13,750 square metres. It’s estimated that it will also provide nearly 300 jobs for members of the local community. There will also be an onsite 24-hour service station that will provide further discounts for shoppers.

As well as the Costco store, the development includes 825 car parks.

Costco Bundamba operators vow to, wherever possible, source products locally and to remain supportive of local business and industry.

Costco North Lakes has demonstrated, since its inception in 2014, that the people of Brisbane and surrounds are interested in quality products delivered at an affordable price. Shopping in bulk means that families can save money in the long run – providing more of a stable financial base when it comes to big purchases further down the track. It can be difficult to save money given the current state of affairs – bulk shopping discounts provide some relief!

Costco Bundamba – Will it be good for your family?

We talked to the members of our Families Magazine Facebook family (phew!) to see what they thought about whether or not Costco Membership was worth it. You can check their responses here to weigh it up for yourself. 

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