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My Cubby REVIEW! The PERFECT tiny home you didn’t know you needed!

My Cubby produce totally customisable, individual cubby houses to suit ANY family’s needs. We visited their Kippa Ring warehouse to find out more.

My Cubby – The Review

Keen to get a head start on the perfect Christmas present, our reviewer headed to the My Cubby warehouse at 1 Sparkes Street, Kippa Ring.

My Cubby map

Located just off Elizabeth Avenue, the warehouse (where all the magic happens) is home to three display My Cubby cubbies and Master Three was off like a shot!

My Cubby boy in cubby

With Master Three instantly occupied, our reviewer was able to get the low down on what makes My Cubby the discerning choice for parents. Allowing children space to engage in imaginative play does wonders for their development – and we wanted in.

What are My Cubby structures made of?

My Cubby structures are Australian made and source the very best materials for family-friendly construction. They use child-friendly treated timber and plywood that’s light but TOUGH. These structures have, if you can believe it, a TWO TONNE CAPACITY.

My Cubby scope

The roofs are made of polycarbonate. They let light in but they’re surprisingly cool inside. On a 26 degree day, the insides of the My Cubby Classic Cubby felt fresh and breezy. If you’re a parent you know how sweaty kids can get when they’re having fun – they’re definitely not going to be over-heating in here.

My Cubby inside of classic cubby

The materials are easily cleaned with a cloth wipe. A particularly cool factor is that spiders don’t like these cubbies! They’ve been tried and tested in Aussie backyards and it’s been shown that spiders and other pests avoid the materials used in these structures. They’ll build their nests and webs elsewhere so you don’t have to worry about any hidden nasties.

My Cubby outside

The cladding for the cottages is carbon negative – a plus for environmentally-conscious parents! The windows are are easy to clean and don’t warp or become opaque. My Cubby structures are carefully constructed WITHOUT using nails to avoid any potential accidents. The designs also try to ensure there are as few high fall points as possible. They’re easy to take apart and easy to put back together.

My Cubby structure view

What makes My Cubby stand out from the crowd?

There were a few key factors that REALLY impressed our reviewer.

  • The structures are all on stilts. This means that they can compensate for the needs of your space (like if your yard is on a tilt), they don’t kill a huge patch of grass in your yard, they’re easy to move AND it means that renters can use them as well. My Cubby recognises that our society is made up of home owners AND renters but that all kids deserve a cool play space.
  • Your My Cubby purchase is negotiated. The team will work with you to make adjustments to the plan that will suit YOUR needs. Need extra handrails? Want more windows? Want the roof higher? Want to add a climbing wall, a lookout or a slide? No problem!
  • If the cubby becomes damaged then they’re happy to come out and fix it for you. If you want to adjust it as your children’s needs change then they’ll work with you again a few years down the track to re-design.
  • My Cubby leaves design elements up to you. You can paint the pieces before the structure is put together – meaning your cubby will be as individual as your family is.

My Cubby painting

How does it get to our house?

Good question and it was one of the first we asked. We’ve all experienced those nightmares of struggling to put together a flat pack so knowing what it’s going to look like when it arrives is key.

There are a few options to get your My Cubby product to you:

  • You can arrange to pick it up from the Kippa Ring warehouse and bring it home yourself.
  • You can arrange for it to be delivered directly to you.
  • You can arrange for it to be delivered to a drop off point near you (My Cubby are national).

My Cubby ready to ship

The materials will come to you unpainted so you can sort out the aesthetics before the structure is put together.

When it comes to putting it together you can:

  • Do it yourself. They’re very straight-forward.
  • Hire My Cubby installers to do it for you (national).

My Cubby installation

Customer service is key for these guys so whatever needs to happen to make sure you’re happy with your purchase is doable.

What are the costs at My Cubby?

Depending on your design there are a range of different costs. My Cubby offers layby options with a small deposit of $100. If you’re laybying for Christmas then your purchase needs to be paid off by mid November.

My Cubby knock knock

Going to their website to put in a quote means you’ll get contacted VERY quickly by a My Cubby representative who will start talking you through the process.

What’s the verdict?

After our reviewer EVENTUALLY got her child OUT OF THERE, they started the quotes process that very afternoon. She filled out a quote form on the website on the Friday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply on the Saturday morning. Talk about service!

My Cubby yellow cubby

My Cubby is, far and away, the best choice for a reliable, safe and innovative play structure that will keep your family entertained for years to come. Two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up from Families Magazine!

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