Costco North Lakes – North Brisbane’s Home of Savings

costco north lakes
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Costco North Lakes is an absolute Mecca for those of us looking to save a few bucks by buying in bulk. But what’s there to know about it?

Costco North Lakes

Where? 17-39 Cook Ct, North Lakes QLD 4509


Saturday 9am–6:30pm
Sunday 10am–6pm
Monday 10am–8:30pm
Tuesday 10am–8:30pm
Wednesday 10am–8:30pm
Thursday 10am–8:30pm
Friday 10am–8:30pm
Phone? 3482 8600

Before you go

Costco North Lakes, like any other Costco, is members only. You can head in to browse with a friend beforehand if you’re not a member but in order to actually make a purchase you MUST sign up.

Membership is $60 ($55 if you’re registering as a business). Yes, this seems steep, HOWEVER you’ll soon find that, if Costco stock the kinds of products your family uses, you’ll end up saving a LOT more. Find out what rael families said about whether or not Costco membership is worth it here.

In terms of parking, we’d recommend that you DO NOT reverse into your car park. When you go to load your car up at the end you’ll definitely see why!

It’s probably easier for parents if you don’t take little tiny kids with you if you can avoid it. It’s a big place and can be very overwhelming and once you’re in you’re kind of stuck there. Try to time your trip so you avoid the rush hour of weekends as well.

Shopping at Costco North Lakes

costco membership books

You’ll find aisle after aisle of goods for your family. Chemist items, cleaning items, pantry stuff right through to enough frozen items to see you through to 2020. They have a deli section as well as a bakery section.

In the middle of the store you’ll find a wide variety of items that might surprise you! Toys, clothes, shoes, homewares, cubby houses – American stores even stock coffins! There are electronic goods, watches, jewelry – you name it, it’s at Costco North Lakes.


One other huge benefit about being a Costco shopper is that your membership also allows you to take advantage of discount fuel deals.

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