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Primary School Ranking – Brisbane West and Ipswich Corridor

Primary School Ranking – Brisbane West and Ipswich Corridor


Newly updated with Year 5 NAPLAN results. Looking at options for primary school in Brisbane’s western corridor?  There are so many factors that make a wonderful primary school – NAPLAN scores are just one.  Primary school ranking based exclusively on NAPLAN results does not capture the culture, social and creative life of your local school.  At Families Magazine, we whole-heartedly believe that academic scores alone can give a distorted view of a school’s overall achievements.

So with that caveat, here is the 2018 primary school ranking based on NAPLAN results for schools in Brisbane’s West and in Ipswich region.

Because people’s definitions of ‘Northside’ and ‘Western Suburbs’ and ‘Southside’ may vary – please check each list if you cannot find your school!

Or not living in Brisbane’s West or cannot find your desired school here?  They may be listed in primary school rankings for North Brisbane and South Brisbane.

Brisbane West and Ipswich Naplan Leader Board

St Aidan’s – 100th Percentile

Ironside SS – 100th Percentile

Rainworth SS – 100th Percentile

Indooroopilly SS – 100th Percentile

Good News Lutheran Middle Park – 99th Percentile

Chapel Hill SS – 99th Percentile

St Peters Lutheran College (Indooroopilly) – 99th Percentile

Fig Tree Pocket SS – 99th Percentile

Kenmore South SS – 99th Percentile

Graceville SS – 99th Percentile

Ithaca Creek SS – 99th Percentile

Brisbane Boys’ College Toowong – 99th Percentile

St Peter’s Lutheran Indooroopilly – 99th Percentile

Toowong SS – 99th Percentile

Corinda SS – 99th Percentile

Bardon SS – 98th Percentile

Pullenvale SS – 98th Percentile

St Joseph’s Corinda – 98th Percentile

St Peter Chanel The Gap – 98th Percentile

Yeronga SS – 98th Percentile

Brookfield SS – 98th Percentile

Brookfield SS – 98th Percentile

Sherwood SS – 98th Percentile

St Ignatius (Toowong) – 98th Percentile

Marist College Ashgrove – 98th Percentile

Ipswich Girls Grammar – 98th Percentile

Kenmore SS – 98th Percentile

St Joseph’s (Bardon) – 98th Percentile

Ipswich Grammar School – 98th Percentile

Oakleigh SS – 97th Percentile

Jamboree Heights SS – 97th Percentile

St Finbarr’s School Ashgrove – 97th Percentile

Hilder Rd SS – 97th Percentile

Patricks Rd SS – 97th Percentile

Moggill SS – 97th Percentile

Christ The King  Graceville – 97th Percentile

Mater Dei Catholic Primary School Ashgrove – 97th Percentile

Gumdale SS – 96th Percentile

The Gap SS – 96th Percentile

Jindalee SS – 96th Percentile

Holy Family Indooroopilly – 96th Percentile

St Andrews Catholic School Ferny Grove – 95th Percentile

Westside Christian College Goodna – 94th Percentile

Payne Rd SS – 93rd Percentile

Brisbane Montessori School – 93rd Percentile

West Moreton Anglican College Karrabin – 91st Percentile

What do these primary school rankings mean?

Not all that much.  Primary school ranking based strictly on NAPLAN scores gives a very narrow view of the school as a whole.  For most parents though, academic achievement in the school is one of the determining factors in making educational decisions.  At Families Magazine we’re proud to support a holistic and comprehensive approach to choosing a school for your child.

What are my primary school options?

Most of the public schools listed have pretty strict catchment areas in place.  School catchment information can be found here.  If you’re considering a private school, you may be required to apply for a place in the year your child is born!  Check out our Parent Fact Sheets for more information on school options.

How to Choose a GOOD School in Brisbane

But what you want to know RIGHT NOW is which schools are ‘good’ and which schools are not good. There are so many variables to this the BEST way to find out is go to the schools you are interested in fully armed with all the questions you should be asking and getting answers to… a Brisbane school teacher has told us what she would expect to be asked if a parent was truly looking to find a good school for their child – read what she said here.

5 Things to Know when choosing a secondary school in Brisbane

GRACERothStock smaller

You’ll have hardly finshed sorting out primary school choices when you will find that the hard work begins all over again looking for a ‘best fit’ secondary school for your children! Things you considered for your soon to be ‘Preppie’ may be irrelevant now that they are older and more sociable/independent/academic/sporty. So how do you go about choosing the best secondary school for them. Start with these FIVE THINGS written for parents by a Brisbane Principal.