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13 Places to Donate Clothes in Brisbane: Clothing Charity Options

Donating clothing is a great way to help people in need and to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Every year, millions of tons of clothing are thrown away in landfills. In Australia, it is estimated that each person disposes of 23 kg of clothing each year! When you donate clothes you are helping reduce this waste and give people in need a chance to dress in clean, comfortable clothing.

There are many different ways to donate clothing across Brisbane. You can donate to a local charity or thrift store, or you can mail your donations to a national organisation. When donating clothing, it is important to make sure that the items are clean and in good condition. A good rule of thumb is, if you would gift this to friends or family, then it is good enough to donate. You should also remove any personal items, such as name tags or jewellery.

1. St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society, or Vinnies as it is affectionately known as, is a Catholic charity that helps disadvantaged people and people living in poverty. It has a long history of helping Australians. There are over 200 programs across the country to support their mission, and donating clothing at one of their local stores will go a big way towards this.

Visit the St Vincent de Paul Society website to find your nearest donation location.

2. Red Cross

The Red Cross is a global humanitarian organisation that provides aid to people in need. It provides a wide range of services, including disaster relief, blood donation, first aid, and refugee assistance. The Red Cross does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, or political affiliation, making it a well supported charity with societies in over 180 countries around the world. There are 10 Red Cross shops in and around Brisbane, where you can donate during trading hours. 

Take some time to find your nearest Red Cross Store to donate to

3. The Salvation Army

One of the charities to donate clothes in Brisbane is Salvation

The Salvation Army (or the Salvos as you may hear it called) is a Christian church and international social service organisation that was founded in London. They work with every demographic and age group that may be experiencing hardship or injustice. They also are involved in national issues and accept donations of clothing to help their work. 

Click here to find your nearest Salvation Army location

4. Redland Community Centre

The Redland Community Centre is based in Capalaba and is committed to making a positive difference to the community. They run a number of programs, including emergency relief, homelessness support and financial counselling. Your donations make a difference to these programs. They are located at 29 Loraine Street Capalaba. Please contact the centre on 3245 2117 prior to dropping off items. 

Read more about the Redlands Community Centre

5. Suited to Success

Suited to Success is a charity that provides free styling, clothing and career support services for people in need. Applying for a new job can be tough, especially if you don’t have an outfit. Suited to Success can assist with a wardrobe as well as helping to apply. They ask that clothing be new or near new to ensure the best possible outcome for applicants. They are located at Unit 2, 47 Anderson Street Fortitude Valley.

Please check the website for drop off days.

6. Givit

You can find charities in Givit who are looking for donors of used clothes

Givit is an online platform that connects people in need with donors. Visit the website, enter the details of the clothing and get connected with an organisation who can accept delivery or organise a pick up for you. You can also search your area to find people in need. 

See the website for more details

7. Lifeline

Lifeline is a non-profit organisation that provides support to people in need. They offer a 24-hour crisis support service, as well as a range of other services, including information and referrals, counselling, support and education. There are many Lifeline stores across Brisbane where you can donate books. 

Find out more about Lifeline here

8. Save the Children

Working off the principles of health, education, protection and support for children, Save the Children is a charity that helps disadvantaged children. Their work takes them across the world, wherever they are needed. This includes providing support around natural disasters, conflict, disease or where children are being neglected or abused. Their fundraising work goes towards supporting these programs. You can drop off your donations at any of their stores or at their head office. Find them at 28 Beesley St, West End. 

You can find a list of their op shop locations here

9. The Little King’s Movement

This organisation works to improve the lives of people with disabilities all over the world, including in lesser developed countries. While based on Christian values, this organisation does not discriminate and supports the needs of all. The thrift shop is open for donations 10.00am – 2.00pm Tuesday – Friday at 33 O’Keefe Street, Buranda. 

Read more here

10. Lifeline

Lifeline accepts used clothing as donations in Brisane

With 20 stores across Brisbane, and more than 120 across Queensland, Lifeline is a non-profit organisation that provides support to people in need. Lifeline accepts donations at any store during opening hours, and can pick up from you if you have a large amount. Please do not leave donations outside stores.

Browse the page to find your local drop off point.

11. Care Kits for Kids

Care Kits for Kids is an organisation that puts together a care backpack for disadvantaged kids. Each kit has 2 days worth of supplies to make them feel valued and worthy. They accept clothing for babies, children and teens. Backpacks include items like new clothes, books, toiletries and education supplies. 

You can find out where to donate on their website

12. Baby Give Back – donate baby clothes

Babies grow out of clothing quickly, so if you donate baby clothes to a wonderful charity is a great way help you feel good. It also makes a difference to help vulnerable babies, children and families in the community. There are 9 locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as the warehouse, where you can drop off your gently used baby clothing and other items. 

Take a look at the website here

13. Formally Ever After – donate formal clothes

Tammy and her team at Formally Ever After, based in Logan, help dress kids for their school formals. If you have dresses, suits or accessories that you no longer need, this is a great opportunity to donate them and help students take part in an important high school milestone.

We all know how stretched people are feeling financially at the moment, and this service is incredible and really lifts the burden on families as it is 100% free. Formally Ever After works to create a positive body image and provides a safe, inclusive space to find clothes for this special occasion.

Visit Formally Ever After on Facebook

Clothing charity options in Brisbane

If you have any clean, gently used clothing that you are no longer using, please donate clothes to a local charity or thrift store. Your donation can make a real difference in the lives of others. Donating clothing is a simple act that can make a big difference. 

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