Things to do when you are bored | Boredom busters for kids

things to do when you are bored
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If you are looking for things to do when you are bored, you are in the right place!

Here is our list of over 20 things to do when there is ‘nothing to do’. This list is a great collection of what to do when you are bored. A veritable list of boredom busters for kids!

1. Crazy collage

Cut up some old magazines. See if you can make crazy combinations of people, animals, buildings, vehicles… glue your final collage into place.

2. Word collage

Cut out the letters in the headings of magazines to make a sentence or a phrase or saying you like.

3. Make a homemade jigsaw puzzle

Cut a big picture from a magazine and stick it onto card. Cut it into jigsaw shapes, jumble the pieces up and see if you can put it back together!

4. Match-box collection

See how many things you can fit into a match box. Write a list to keep track. Can you fit 50 things in?

5. Make an A-Z scrapbook

Using magazines see if you can find a picture of something that begins with each letter of the alphabet. To make it more difficult, try to choose a theme ‘animals’ or ‘places’ beginning with every letter of the alphabet. If you get stuck you could draw some of the things in.

6. What’s in a name?

Using all the letters of your full name, see how many other words you can make.

7. Make a list

Make a list of things to do when there is nothing to do!

8. Mind games

The clue to this trick is so mind-numbingly simple that you have to do it fast and talk quite a lot while you do it to distract your audience.

Tear a piece of paper into nine equal pieces. Do this in front of your audience, and lay them out as shown.

Ask someone to make a mark on the middle square and to turn over the pieces and mix them up while your back in turned. When you turn around, you will instantly spot the marked square and turn it over to gasps of amazement from your audience.

How did you know? The centre piece is the only one with FOUR torn edges!

9. Cool coin flip

Start by balancing one coin on your bent elbow. Straighten your arm quickly, catching the coin in the hand of the same arm as you do so. When you have mastered this, try it with two coins. When you can catch three, you’re ready to astound the world!

10. Sleight of hand

Take a wand or pencil in your left hand, and grasp your left wrist with your right hand. Now straighten your right forefinger so that it holds the wand against your left palm, and slowly spread open the fingers of your left hand. Amazingly the wand appears to stick to your hand by magic!

11. Magic aces

Hand someone a pack of cards, and ask them to shuffle them thoroughly. Now take the cards and hold them behind your back. Without looking, bring out each of the aces one at a time!

You are able to manage this truly amazing feat because you have of course removed the aces before handing the pack over. The aces are held in place with a paper clip, and attached to the inside back of your jumper or shirt with a safety pin. All you have to do is reach for them one by one while holding the rest of the pack behind your back.

12. Dance party games

We’ve compiled a list of all our favourite dance party games so you will have something to do when there is nothing to do!

13. Create a flag

Imagine that you are creating a new country. The first thing you need is a flag. Think about what it should look like and the general design.

14. Do a puzzle

Puzzles are sure to keep your entertained and busy for quite a while. If you’re bored give this a try.

15. Try origami

Why? Because think about it, when was the last time you did origami? We love these easy ideas here.

16. Paint your nails

Everyone has a bottle or two of nail polish somewhere, (you’ll find it if you look for it). Bring it out again, give it a whirl. Who knows what colour your nails will be in 15 minutes time? Then do your sisters, brothers… the dog‘s…

17. Change your bedroom design scheme

minecraft bedroom design

Reorganise your bedroom. It could be a whole new layout. AMAZING! Want to see an epic Minecraft bedroom redesign? Click here.

18. Download new apps

You could discover games you thought never existed.

19. Make a two minute movie

Grab your phone and shoot. Upload to YouTube or share with friends and family.

20. Plan your next vacation

How to turn 20 days of annual leave into 8 family holidays!

Want to go on holidays in the not so near future? Start researching online and convince your parents with all your hard work about the cheap hotels and amazing tourist attractions now. In our article, we show you how to get 8 family vacations from 20 annual leave days.

21. Do online learning

We have listed over 30 free online learning options for primary and secondary school kids. Find the best list of educational online learning resources here.

22. Find a new hobby

This is one of our biggest articles on our website – a huge and detailed list of things that kids LOVE to do as hobbies. There is something for everyone! Click here.

23. Take a virtual tour

Go to Google street view and check out your street. Or your friends street. Or your school or workplace.  If you feel like being a bit cultured, why not take a virtual tour of a museum or art gallery around the world?

Things to do when you are bored?

Got some more to add to our list?? Let us know in comments below!

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