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HOW TO: Create a Minecraft Bedroom Design for your child!

Are you looking for the best Minecraft bedroom design? You will love this article then! I made my son a Minecraft kids bedroom with all the best Minecraft bedroom ideas and he loved it!

Minecraft bedroom design ideas

I won’t lie, my son is an only child and with that comes a certain element of ‘I did it because I could!’ Remember having your first child? You kind of watched them a bit longer, played with them a bit more, spent a bit of time and energy decorating the ‘baby room’!

Well I did too… except I didn’t really ‘grow out of it’ and because I had a bit of time and a bit of energy (because as I said, I only had one child!) I invested that energy in creating engaging bedroom spaces for him (for me!) 😉

He wasn’t always a Minecraft baby…

Previous “before” Minecraft rooms

Before my son became a Minecraft kid, he was in to all the usual kids things. And because I had time we painted, we coloured and we cut out animals pictures …. to create the perfect baby rooms for him.

He had a fascination with wheels and transport …. so we made these bedrooms…

Then we had the dinosaur phase… we made colourful displays…

…and Christmas too!

This one stayed up through half way through Prep and into Year One

And we created these “pre” Minecraft bedroom displays together until he was … about 6 …. Then I decided to launch Families Magazine and it was an all-consuming, exhausting job and his wall displays stopped, abruptly and the walls lost their ‘pizazz’ and fell into disrepair.

Minecraft birthday presents for 9-year-old boys

Fast forward to his ninth birthday. As the day drew closer he started to put in his ‘list of requests’ (aren’t kids great like that!?) He asked for a revamped bedroom… he wanted a Minecraft bedroom!

So I started Googling: cool Minecraft ideas & Minecraft bedroom ideas. I wanted to find the best Minecraft room design but…

The walls had been damaged from years of decals, stickers, blu tac and borders going up and coming down. He needed a total paint job so we could start as a blank canvass for the new ‘big boy room’ and his Minecraft bedroom design. This is where hipages came in handy – an online platform that connects you to licensed and qualified tradies for all your home improvement needs.

How to create a Minecraft bedroom design

Once I knew that he wanted a Minecraft big bedroom it was just a matter of finding everything. To save you the hassle, I’ve written a Minecraft room ideas list:

Minecraft boys bedrooms

The first things that you have to do is find the Minecraft decorations or Minecraft stickers in Australia that you want. I hunted online and that was the easiest way for me as I work days and don’t have time to hunt through the stores. I hunted around for what I needed.

Minecraft decorations for bedroom

Any kid will tell you that a Minecraft bedroom design is not complete without:

  • Steve – find him here
  • Enderman – find it here
  • Creeper, pig & cow set of 3  – here
  • I got the border here

Find appropriate Minecraft bedding in Australia – click here

  • I bought this single quilt duvet – see the amazing Minecraft bedding range here

Cool Minecraft decorations for the bedroom

I also bought strategic Minecraft decorations for his bedroom:

  • Minecraft working torch – find it here
  • Table lamp – not the one we have but I LOVE this one here.
  • We also splashed out on some new pyjamas – check these ones out here.

Whilst the hunting around on the internet and clicking ‘buy now’ is pretty easy (let’s face it, most of us excel at that!) the ‘preparation’ of the room was not a job I wanted to take on myself. I decided to call in the experts!

Hipages website – One place, every kind of tradie

I was told about hipages through a contact at our magazine and I pitched them an idea about creating a ‘big boy room’ and here we are!

What I really liked about hipages was that it really WAS easy to use. In one place, there is every kind of tradie. In fact Over 70,000 qualified tradies at the ready. I jumped on the website first of all and entered my postcode…

It then asks you to complete the details of what you need, where you need it and when you need it – pop in any extra details about the job and BOOM – your request is logged!

And I am not even joking – it really was that easy. I received three recommendations of painters (within a couple of hours) who would not only quote me but communicate effectively through the process. hipages support you through the entire process of getting a job done; they’re not onsite, but they’re on-hand to help.

It all felt quite personal!

A tradie that shows up!

The painter I chose was John Bockett from Painting Solutions Qld (you can find him here). He came to quote for the full painting of the bedroom walls, window sills and cupboard door ($550 + GST) and I agreed and we arranged a time to come back to do the job… and he DID on the day and time he said he would! #winning!

Once the walls were painted and dried (I left them for four days – John recommended only two!) We started on the Minecraft display to create the new ‘bog boy’ Minecraft bedroom.

Master 9 was ‘over the moon’ and as happy as a pig in a Minecart with his new Minecraft decorated room! And I was happy that the online shopping coupled with the online tradie finding was truly one of the most simple, thorough and painless experiences I have had with a tradie in a long time! #winning

This post was written in collaboration with hipages.

More about Minecraft from Families Magazine:

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