Places to Enjoy Swimming Lessons in Toowoomba

swimming lessons Toowoomba
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Are you looking for the best place for bub to have their first swimming experience? We’ve collated all the places kids can Learn To Swim – Toowoomba style! Read on for swimming lessons Toowoomba

Darren Lange Swimming Academy (DLSA)

Experience the professionalism and expertise of an ex-Olympic and Commonwealth Games Gold and Silver medallist in this specialist swim school designed for kids! Classes run from infants and toddlers up to ‘squad’ level so once you’re in – you’re in!

Call DLSA on 1300 885 667 or visit their website.

Milne Bay Aquatic Centre

Waves Swim School is held at the Milne Bay Aquatic Centre. There are classes from infants up to adults, class sizes are small and they run a duration of between thirty and sixty minutes. There are a few pay as you go schemes so you don’t have to commit to paying a full term. This is a somewhat more affordable option for families who may struggle with larger, bulk payments.

Call to find out more on 4688 6330 or sending an email to

The Glennie School

The carer and baby programs offered by the Learn to Swim team at The Glennie School are carefully crafted to be a great experience. Programs are designed to cater from the age of 4 months up to 3 years before students would move into older programs. When children go ‘up’ a level they even get to ring a big gold bell which makes the centre erupt with applause!

Call 4688 8845 or you can visit their website for more information.

TJ’s Swim (Concordia or Baillie)

Held at your choice of two fantastic locations, TJ’s has long been a popular choice with Toowoomba families. If you’re looking for swimming lessons Toowoomba that WORK, TJ’s may be the one for you! There’s a focus on water safety, enjoyment and love for movement here that’s sure to appeal to many parents.

Phone 0429 465 316 or visit their website for more info!

Toowoomba Grammar School Learn to Swim

Make the most of the world-class facilities at Toowoomba Grammar School – learn to swim lessons are available to the whole community! Starting at six months of age, your child will be taught with the care and expertise you’d come to expect from such a prestigious environment.

Call 4687 2631 to discuss enrolment.

Fairholme Aquatics Centre

With a HUGE focus on water safety in association with a carefully constructed program, Fairholme Learn to Swim is a great choice for swimming lessons Toowoomba style! This program allows kids to progress over eight different levels under the careful guidance of trained, expert staff.

Phone 4688 4658 or follow this link for more information.

Swimming Lessons Toowoomba

Did we miss any? Have you got any tips for fellow parents? Want to share your experiences? Let us know in the comments! Make sure your kids are skilled up on their water safety so when they’re older they can take part in all the amazing activities that Toowoomba has to offer for kids!

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