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St Ignatius School Toowong | Parent Fact Sheet


Are you looking for information on St Ignatius School in Toowong?

Number of students:

~ 272

Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Ignatius School?

St Ignatius Primary School provides a contemporary learning environment that incorporates the Australian Curriculum and the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework. Our students have access to information, communication and learning technologies, with portable technical devices available to students on a daily basis.

The school is guided by a Strategic Renewal Plan, which is reviewed each year, and teachers and staff  are continually engaged in professional development activities to ensure students are provided with the best education possible.

The St Ignatius community has a strong sense of Mission in Outreach, and this reflects in their endeavours to create a safe, healthy, holy and productive school that responds to the needs of its diverse students.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered at St Ignatius School:

St Ignatius is the first primary school in Queensland to run a CLIL immersion program. Students from Prep to Year 6 are offered Italian lessons weekly and the school celebrates Italian Day.

There are several sporting activities offered before and after school including touch football, athletics training and netball. Students can also take Tai Kwon Do, Yoga, and Bollywood dance classes, and join the Fitness and Skipping Clubs. There’s a Partnership with Indigenous Students Sporting Program (PASS) and a Perceptual Motor Program.

Private tuition is available during the school day for Speech and Drama and Music. Students can join the school band and school choir. The schools also offers Art Therapy and participation in Art Exhibitions.

Other activities include Think Quest, Book Week, Incursions for Maths and Science, Media Studies, and Robotics.

The school celebrates RAP (Reconciliation Awareness) Day and holds parish and school masses.

In addition, St Ignatius provides opportunities for student teachers through the QUT Mentoring Program, and also hosts visiting students from Hong Kong and China.

Facilities at St Ignatius School:

St Ignatius has ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities and wireless access throughout the school. Classrooms are air-conditioned and well equipped. Students in Years 4-6 take part in the one-to-one laptop program, while lower years have access to banks of laptops and mobile devices, and a lab of desktop computers.

The school’s other facilities include the Manresa Enrichment Centre, the Library, Mercy Hall and the Susan Palmer Field.

Other info about St Ignatius School:

St Ignatius School partners with Stuartholme School to offer rural and remote families a primary boarding school experience.

The school community provides financial, physical and pastoral support to neighbouring schools suffering hardship; distressed families within the local community; and organisations including Caritas, Eddie’s Van, Rosie’s Van, Murri Ministry, St Vincent de Paul, Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Grantham Appeal, Catholic Mission, Jesuit Mission, Papua New Guinea School and the Mercy Foundation.


Website: http://www.stignatiustoowong.qld.edu.au


45 Grove Street, Toowong, Queensland 4066

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