Bollywood Dance in Brisbane for Kids

Masala Dance Jun 2015 Bollywood dancing photo by Dream Creations
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We talk to Bollywood Dance in Brisbane to find out more about this popular hobby!


The film industry of India is commonly known as ‘Bollywood’ – a word that is a playful portmanteau of the words ‘Bombay’ (the former name for the city of Mumbai) and Hollywood. This is one of the largest film industries in the world! Vibrant, exciting dances are a feature and drawcard of every Bollywood film, with dance videos released on YouTube months in advance of the film itself.

This incredibly diverse form of dance has emerged from the fusion of the 8 forms of Classical Indian dance, India’s traditional regional folk dances, and the varied influences of Western culture. Bollywood dance exists in a space between traditional and popular culture. It reflects the changing face of India, maintaining its ancient traditions and rich cultural history while incorporating Western influences.


1.      Self-Discipline

The word discipline comes from the Latin disciplina meaning ‘instruction’. The goal of discipline is to encourage students to eventually self-discipline. In dance, there is no instant gratification! Success is only achieved through focus, listening and good practice – all of this takes self-discipline. The mental dexterity that comes from repetition and rehearsal positively influences every aspect of their life.

2.      Growth

When a student starts learning a new step, they will not always get it right the first time. Making mistakes, and not knowing the answer, is all part of the artistic process. The idea that you learn from your mistakes is embedded in learning dance. Applying constructive feedback to improve their technique gives children an immense sense of achievement and pride. Reflecting on their own progress helps our kids understand the learning process while becoming accustomed to taking risks. These are essential tools for becoming brave, and connected adults!

3.      Respect

Dance teaches us to respect each other’s space, work as part of a team, and develop trust and cooperation while making new friends. In Bollywood dance, the practice of Namaskaram at the start and end of each session and performance acknowledges the teachers, the music, and the dance form, as well as the audience and the earth. These are all elements that make up our dance, and remind us to stay humble, as we grow and excel.

4.      Posture

Dancers are taught to be aware of their posture from Day 1. Standing straight not sitting into their joints – are skills that may prevent a multitude of problems, including arthritis and injuries. From a young age, strength and technique drills develop the muscles that create good posture, whether they realise it, or not!

5.      Left and Right Brain Communication

Cross patterning helps activate the connection between the left and right brain, helping them to ‘talk’ to one another. For anyone to experience optimal learning, both sides of the brain need to work together. Dance develops strong left and right brain connections, which positively influence spatial awareness, balance, and coordination, as well as the skills required for literacy and problem solving. Both sides are essential to be a good communicator.

6.      Confidence

As children adjust to the movements and posture of dance, they begin to understand their own bodies. This allows them to be comfortable in their own skin, improving their confidence and communication skills, which are all vital for their future happiness and success.


Connecting to other cultures helps develop empathetic and compassionate skills, reminding our children of how wonderful it is to celebrate our differences and our commonalities. For South Asian children, Bollywood dance is an incredible way to connect with Indian Culture, helping them understand their own heritage and be proud of their cultural identity. For non-South Asian children, it is an incredible way to connect with the diversity that we embrace here in Australia, to develop understanding about a different culture, and to foster respect and acceptance. But also, Bollywood Dance is just plain fun! The music is catchy, the steps are easy to pick up, and a good Bollywood Dance teacher will have you smiling from ear to ear.

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