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UPDATED MAY 2020: 10 Best Seafood Buffet Gold Coast (with Discounts!)

seafood buffet gold coast
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We have found the best kid-friendly seafood buffets on the Gold Coast so you can immerse yourself in seafood bliss! Whether you are looking for a seafood buffet lunch on the Gold Coast or a seafood buffet dinner on the Gold Coast, our list of places to eat seafood will help!

Don’t clam up, you know seafood is good for you so, check out our list of the best seafood buffets Gold Coast style!

Kid-friendly seafood buffet Gold Coast?

Dining out with children can be enjoyable but can also be a bit like the first hours of a Boxing Day sale. One of the biggest problems when dining with hungry, energetic kids is that they don’t have much patience to wait for anything. The idea of ordering and then waiting and waiting for courses for arrive is a fatigue-inducing concept for parents.

Well, we have a solution for you – why not try a seafood smorgasbord Gold Coast style? You can take your kids, enjoy as much seafood on the Gold Coast as you can eat and possibly even complete a successful dinner out as a family!

We’ve hunted high and low up and down the coast; we’ve found Surfers Paradise buffets dinners, Sharks buffet dinners, Watermark buffet dinner and more on the Gold Coast.

We make big promises…and we intend to deliver!

We give you our list of the ‘The Top Kid Friendly Seafood Buffets on the Gold Coast’.

Find out where kids eat free on the Gold Coast – click here

Seafood buffet Gold Coast 2

Where to find the top Gold Coast seafood buffets

All you can eat seafood on the Gold Coast a widespread and it boasts a number seafood restaurants for parents both wanting to dine with children and enjoy copious amounts of fresh seafood. Here are the top 9 seafood buffet restaurant on the Gold Coast that will guarantee you a great night out (we’ve even located the best seafood buffet gold coast deals too!):

1. Main Beach | Shoreline Restaurant | Sea World

So many Gold Coasters would consider Shoreline Restaurant at Seaworld to be a restaurant for visitors to the coast – but for those in the know, this is a local gem for seafood with its Friday, Saturday and Sunday night buffets

This seafood buffet restaurant was built for dining with children with the price per child based on $1 per year of age (4-13yrs). In addition to an extensive range of carved meats, fresh salads, desserts and even a lolly station it’s no wonder this is on of our top family buffet restaurants on the Gold Coast and has become a popular place for local families to dine.

We’ve got a great Shoreline buffet discount. Get the Shoreline Restaurant deal here.

Find out more about the buffet here.

2. Surfers Paradise | Fables Restaurant | Mantra Legends Hotel

The all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at Fables Restaurant in the Mantra Legends Hotel is growing in popularity for the fresh seafood and traditional Australian and international buffet fare.

For parents, there is also a wine buffet (what!?) for $12.00 extra for unlimited house wines. There are also a lot of 2 for the price of 1 deals for adults for this restaurant, so look around and snag one before you go.

Find out more here.

3. Surfers Paradise | Waves Restaurant

Soaring above the sweeping golden beaches of Surfers Paradise is the Voco Hotel, a stylish contemporary retreat with every comfort provided for guests. The hotel boasts an array of facilities to enjoy including a day spa and hairdresser, two pools and a gymnasium. There is also a cafe, bar, Clifford’s Grill & Lounge, as well as Waves Buffet Restaurant that offers hungry diners an extensive all-you-can-eat buffet of colourful cuisines from across the globe.

Find out more here.

4. Broadbeach | Food Fantasy | The Star Casino

Eating out with a family can be a costly exercise, particularly when fussy eaters are invited. A solution to ensuring a cost effective all catering menu is to go to a buffet…and what’s the greatest kind of buffet? The seafood kind!

One such place, known for its giant range of options, including seafood, is the buffet at The Star Casino called ‘Food Fantasy’. This spot boasts a huge hot and cold selection, salads, cheeses and seafood!

As well as an selection of desserts with cakes, slices, muffins, mousses, cupcakes and fruit to name a few.
For families too, kids under 5 eat free which is always sweetens the deal. Find out more here.

5. Surfers Paradise | Four Winds 360 Revolving Restaurant

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Four Winds 360° Revolving Restaurant is the Sunshine State’s only revolving restaurant. Situated on the rooftop of Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, the eatery is a treat for hotel guests, tourists and locals alike.

Patrons can feast their eyes on views of the cityscape, ocean and hinterland as they complete rotations while enjoying high tea in the sky. A buffet experience is also available, brimming with fresh seafood, contemporary cuisine and tempting desserts. Up to three hours of underground parking is available for guests.

You can find their discount offer by clicking here.

6. The InterContinental Sanctuary Cove

Head to the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort for a feast to remember! Offering nothing short of luxury, you’ll dine on an expertly prepared spread of seafood, meats, salads and sides. And let’s not forget about a mouthwatering smorgasboard of desserts. Don your loosest attire and settle in for a feast with the ones you love. Kids 4 and under dine free!

Find out more here.

7. Star Buffet, Seagulls Club

Not only does great seafood await you but you’ll also find a STACKED gourmet buffet with over 100 dishes served daily! That includes sushi, roasts and a gob-smackingly beautiful array of desserts.

There are specials on Monday to Thursdays and the weekend rate is only $27.80 (same as public holidays!). It’s found up the stairs next to Tabatinga. They’ll take bookings if you’re in a group of 20 or more people – otherwise it’s first in, best dressed.

Visit their website here.

8. Terraces Restaurant | Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort

Renowned on the Gold Coast for its overflowing seafood buffet, Terraces Restaurant offers a generous array of fresh local produce to treat even the most refined palates. With its gorgeous setting, chic white furnishings, wood accents and stunning lagoon views framed by ceiling-to-floor windows, you’ll feel miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Find out more here.

9. Citrique | Surfers Paradise Marriot Resort & Spa

Seafood buffet Gold Coast

Enjoy an award-winning seafood buffet at the Surfers Paradise Marriot Resort & Spa’s signature restaurant, CITRIQUE. You can dine here Monday through to Thursday with the doors opening at 6pm. Reservations are DEFINITELY required so make sure you phone ahead on 07 5592 9772. Delish!

Please note: Citrique is closed for renovations from 31 August to mid-December 2020.

Visit their website here.

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Buffet dining for families at the Gold Coast

Before packing the kids in the car, shining your shoes and heading out for a lovely family meal, check out the online deals available for seafood buffets on the Gold Coast.

While we have only collated 10 buffets on our list, there are many more that are very accommodating for families and offer great discounts for locals, eating during the week and kids eat free. It is definitely worth researching before you go, as it may mean that going out as a family to seafood buffets Gold Coast style could become a regular outing as a result.

Hot Tips!

How to peel a prawn

Preparation is part of the enjoyment of a great meal, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend any longer than you need right? Here’s how to peel a prawn quickly and easily. Tip: For better presentation, leave tails intact.

The Quick Way

  1. Twist off the head;
  2. Grab legs between thumb and index finger, squeeze and pull away shell from around the body.
  3. Repeat until tail section is left
  4. Squeeze tail, prawn will pop out.

Other tips:

  • Practice at home with your kids for the expectations of behaviour at a seafood buffet. In so many reviews of buffet locations, customers complain of children picking up food directly from the buffet and putting it back (obviously they don’t know good ‘buffet’ etiquette)
  • Research online before you go for locals discounts around the Gold Coast, many offer great deals and can save you and your family HEAPS!
  • Still feeling hungry? Head to our picks for the BEST family restaurants the Gold Coast has to offer! 

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