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Boxing Day Sales Brisbane: 6 Hot Tips for Grabbing a Bargain!

Boxing Day Sales Brisbane 2023

If you think the lead up to Christmas has shoppers in a frenzy, it’s actually after the big day retailers are most looking forward to. The day following Christmas has become the biggest trading day of the year for store owners and the Boxing Day Sales in Brisbane are expected to draw bumper crowds.

For some, Boxing Day brings images of resting in front of the cricket. But not for committed sales day fans where possibly it’s the most eagerly awaited date on the calendar.

If you love a bargain and you’re planning to get amongst the sales this year, here’s some tips to make the most of Brisbane’s Boxing Day Sales…

1. Make store cards your best friend

The anticipated cost of shopping at the Boxing Day sales can be spread throughout the year by purchasing store gift cards when finances allow. This is a great way to pay in advance and splurge when you can get the best deals. Some people even request they receive store vouchers as gifts for Christmas, knowing they’ll be put to great use the next day. 

2. Set a budget

Determine your budget… and stick to it. There’s little value in a bargain, no matter how big the discount, if the purchase is going to stretch your finances to breaking point. Seeing so many items with heavily reduced price tags is always very tempting, but buying just for the sake of it isn’t economical.

3. Know what you want

Going to the Boxing Day sales with a game plan is essential. Remember that you’ll be up against crowds of hungry shoppers and some items will be in limited stock. There won’t be time to wander aimlessly if you’re hunting for a specific bargain. Prioritise what you’re wanting to buy and have your shopping strategy ready to go.

4. Research thoroughly

Looking for something specific? Then head to the sales with your research already done; especially if you want to purchase a big-ticket item. You should be prepared with an understanding of your preferred make and model, or equivalent, and variations in the non-sale price at different stores. Knowing this beforehand will give you confidence that any discount is genuine and worthwhile.

5. Find the best sales

Yes, the sales extend beyond Boxing Day but many of the best bargains occur on December 26. Make a list of which retailers you want to visit by paying attention to sales ads in the newspaper and on the television or radio. Also, many of the larger stores will publish catalogues outlining the upcoming sales specials.

6. Dress for comfort and a big day

The Boxing Day Sales have been called the extreme sport of shopping. Some enthusiasts even camp in the Queen Street Mall on Christmas night to get best position when doors open in the morning! Regardless of when you arrive to hit the stores, you’ll be guaranteed of a big day so be dressed in something cool and comfortable.

Past experience says it worth making an effort to get to the Boxing Day Sales in Brisbane. Happy bargain hunting!

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