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Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate: Get Government-Funded White Goods!

Smart climate technology is about to become more accessible for Queensland homeowners, with 40,000 households becoming eligible for rebate savings starting 4 September 2023.

If you’ve been considering upgrading old household appliances with more energy efficient technologies, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your home.

Best of all? The Climate Smart Energy Savers initiative is set to provide excellent savings on hot water systems and appliances.

What is the Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate?

The Queensland Government’s Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate is a $10 million fund allocation available for householders across the state.

This scheme will provide recipients with up to $1,000 funding towards upgrading washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and solar and heat pump hot water systems.

The rebate will be allocated at a standard level with additional aid available for low-income households. These rebates expand on the federal government’s Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and the Cost of Living Rebate.

How it works and who’s eligible

Energy Efficient White Goods

Under this government grant, Queensland householders will be eligible to receive between $300 and $1,000 of assistance to replace old appliances, including hot water systems, with new models that achieve a 4-star or higher energy efficiency rating.

Eligible appliances include:

  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)
  • Air conditioners (AS4755 compliant and 4 star-rated or higher for cooling)
  • Solar and heat pump hot water systems

Appliances covered by the scheme must be purchased and installed on or after the 4 September 2023 program commencement date.

Each Queensland household will be eligible for one rebate. Rebates provided by the program must be lower than the total cost to purchase and install the relevant appliances. A maximum of 1,500 rebates will be available for energy efficient hot water systems.

What you need to know now

The Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate sounds amazing. So what’s the catch?

The good news is that this scheme is designed to help Queensland property owners adopt greener household technologies. The bad news is that funding is limited and will be managed on a first in, first served basis.

If you want to secure a rebate to upgrade your old appliances, you’ll need to act fast and lodge your solar or heat pump rebate application early. Previous Queensland Government funding schemes have sold out in just hours, so planning ahead is critical.

Navigating quality and supply

When it comes to installing a new heat pump hot water system, it’s important to work with a qualified plumber with years of experience.

Plumbers and retailers are urging customers to use the rebate to buy better. Carefully read heat pump hot water reviews to ensure you’re making the right choice for your property. This can help you maximise your savings now and into the future.

As Queensland householders begin to take advantage of the grant scheme, we may start to see a supply shortage. Ordering the right system now can help ensure you don’t miss out.

“Hot water installations usually come when something goes very wrong with an ageing system. The supply chain isn’t set up for a rush on purchases and not every plumber and sparky can correctly fit a hot water system, especially the new heat pump systems.  I predict wait times, supply shortages and disappointed people as this rebate is going to be in HIGH demand,” says John Salmon, Brisbane’s leading supplier of heat pump hot water systems.

How to apply for government funding

Applications for the Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate open on 4 September.

On this date, navigate to the Queensland Government website to view the Department of Energy and Public Works household energy savings program. Here, you’ll be able to find the latest information on how to apply.

Until then, get a head start on the purchasing and installation process. Pre-order no-install appliances now so you’re ready to complete the purchase after the program launch date. And if you’re looking to upgrade to a heat pump hot water system, start shopping around now for hot water installation professionals.

Do your research carefully, and get ready to make the most of cost savings while they last.

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