Council Cabs Service – Alternative to Cab Vouchers in Brisbane

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Did you know that Brisbane City Council offers an alternative to cab vouchers for Brisbane residents. City Council Cabs will collect Brisbane residents and take them “door to door” to their nearest shopping precinct for a fixed, low price. Council Cabs are significantly cheaper than regular taxi services and provide door-to-door, shared transportation.

What a great way to save on the cost of living in Brisbane!

Who qualifies for Council Cabs?

Council Cabs are available to all Brisbane residents who are one of the following:

  • Over sixty years of age
  • Are mobility impaired
  • Hold a current Pension Concession Card

The service are based on a “carpool’ model and are only be available to local shopping centres except in cases where key services are not available locally.

Directions for booking your taxi

Unlike a regular taxi service, Council Cabs requires advanced notice of you journey. You will need to call 3403 2227 before midday on the day prior to travel. The routes available will be fixed and the number of passengers must be confirmed in advance. Journey times are set, which may mean booking medical appointments well in advance to coincide with the service. It may be worthwhile discussing the service with your doctor so that they can make time available for patients likely to use it.

The fare is fixed at the time of booking and due at the start of your journey. There are limitations on the number of packages you can carry and you must advise of any mobility aids and other items you intend to bring along at the time of the booking.

Council Cabs Vs Cab Vouchers

For a long time those with mobility issues and certain medical conditions have qualified for Cab Vouchers under the state government Taxi Subsidy Scheme. Cab vouchers allow for passengers to travel anywhere at a reduced rate (capped at $25) which is necessary if you are regularly seeing specialists outside your immediate area. The State Government cab voucher system is a separately funded system. Council Cabs is a supplementary service for Brisbane residents only. Subsidised Council Cabs give access to a significant number of senior citizens that do not qualify for the state government scheme.


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