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Cleveland District State High School | Parent Fact Sheet

Cleveland District State High School

Number of Students: 1712

Why Choose Cleveland District State High School?

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The strength of Cleveland District State High School lies in its rounded curriculum, taught in a learning, caring and supportive environment.  The school is well regarded for its excellent reputation within the Redlands region.

Cleveland District State High School prepares well-rounded and centred individuals, about to go out in the world beyond schooling years.  Students at Cleveland District State High School are set up for the challenges of life ahead, for the future that is not so far away from secondary education.

Additional activities offered:

Cleveland District State High School students are offered an array of subjects in academics, music and sports, as well as a wide range of extension classes and scholarships.

Year 8 students study: English, history, geography, science (including agriculture), health and physical education, LOTE (French, Japanese or Chinese), home economics, music and art.  Extension classes are offered before or after school.

Year 9 students study eight subjects in total, which must include five core subjects; English, maths, science or agricultural science, history, geography, health and physical education.  The three elective studies include; agricultural mechanics, ancient history, animal husbandry, art, business computing, business principles, Chinese, craft, dance, French, graphics, home economics, Japanese, music, popular music, practical cookery, technology, science research and technology, speech and drama, technology wood, technology metal.

Senior students are offered a variety of academic and vocational subjects to cater for all needs and interests.  Year 10 students identify their curriculum pathway that incorporates their educational studies in senior grades. All year 10 students study English, Maths and HPE, and choose four elective subjects.

Year 11 and 12 students have the flexibility undertake University study, TAFE programs, school-based apprenticeships or traineeships and private study one day week.

Subjects that contribute to each student’s Overall Position (OP) include:  accounting, agricultural, science, ancient history, biology, business communication and technologies, chemistry, Chinese Mandarin, dance, drama, economics, English, English extension (Year 12 only), film, television & new media, geography, graphics, health education, home economics, French, Japanese,  information processing technology, legal studies, marine studies, maths A,  maths B,  maths C, modern history, marine science, music, music extension (Year 12 only), physics, physical  education, visual art.

Vocational education programs include:  Cert II in Sport (Officiating), Cert I in Furnishing, Cert II in Hospitality, Cert II & III in Info Technology, Cert II in Live Production, Theatre & Events, Cert II Music Industry (Foundation), Cert I & II in Rural Operations, Cert II in Tourism, Cert I & II in Animal Studies, Cert II in Business, Cert II in Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft, Cert III in Children’s Services (RTO – My Other Mom), Cert I in General Construction (RTO – SkillsTech), English communication, instrumental music, physical recreation, practical art (computer imaging), prevocational maths.

Extra-curricular sporting activities include: football (soccer), touch football, volleyball, basketball, netball, softball.

Recreational sports include walking, mixed sports, gym sports, dance and weights.

Facilities at Cleveland District State High School:

Cleveland District State High School boasts a state-of-the-art gymnasium that is used for sports subjects as well as recreational weight management, strength and fitness programs.

There is a dance studio with a timber sprung floor that is used for dance and drama students.

The school’s computer labs are equipped with modern technology and the latest maintained machinery.

Commercial kitchens are offered to students, with stainless steel benches, similar those found when working in the industry.

Other info about Cleveland District State High School:

Cleveland District State High School provides students with additional support to those identified with a talent in athletics, under the Athlete Support Program.

The Bayside Sports Academy teaches advanced training in football, touch and volleyball and focuses on sports development.

The school’s Creative Arts Centre for Excellence program has successfully led over 80% of students in the school to study at least one or more creative art subject.

Year 12’s English and music extension programs allow talented students to excel and further propel their abilities and achievements in these subjects.

Cleveland District State High School provides the opportunity for language students to video conference to others anywhere in the world and offers advanced language software to all students.

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