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Lil’ Fi – Sing don’t Scream | Intentional Teaching with Music

If you are looking for a music program for your little one, an incursion for your child care setting or training for your staff check our Lil’ Fi – Sing don’t Scream’s program in Northern NSW.

Are you sick of screaming and want to start singing?

We have all been there, when its 9 o’clock in the morning and the kids should have been dressed and ready to go an hour ago yet they are still in their undies in front of the television. It’s at this point that it is pretty hard to talk calmly to them, and you can’t seem to control the volume dial on your voice. This is often a daily occurrence, in one set of circumstances or another, and you begin to wonder if your child’s ears turn off the minute they hear your voice.

Lil’ Fi might just be your solution. She teaches over 800 children from the northern rivers to the southern rivers of the Gold Coast region, and after reading this – you might just want to join her. She now teaches educators how to teach with music and parents to sing instead of scream. Sounds inviting!

How Sing don’t Scream was created

Lil’ Fi is an award-winning Australian gospel/blues singer who has performed with the best in the industry for over 27 years, has released over 8 albums and has played at many festivals.

Her life drastically changed when she experienced a near death experience that left her unable to speak and write. It was through this experience that she found music and cross meridian stimulation and used it to help re-write her brain. This unique experience has led her to find solutions to change the way people interact with children.

She teaches how to use repetition, visual, aural and kinaesthetic methods to teach music intentionally.

Does music really have that power?

Yes, it definitely does. Music is amazing for the brain. Especially for children whose neural pathways aren’t fully developed until around the age of 7, until then it is your job to help them grow the best they can.

Not only does Lil’ Fi deliver a stimulating musical experience, but this experience also teaches children to develop so many other vital skills, such as becoming responsible learns, supporting attention, focus, regulation and brain integration in a way that is engaging and all-encompassing.

As stated by Lil’ Fi “music is a whole brain experience it affects our numeracy, literacy, communication skills and I believe it makes nicer kids!”

Is Lil’ Fi NDIS approved?

Yes she is! Lil’ Fi is affiliated with shaping outcomes based in Tweed Heads, and she offers individual and group session for special needs children who have plan management with the NDIS. Lil Fi’ has experienced amazing outcomes with children who experience music as whole brain experience. With many testimonies on her website, it truly is showing how amazing what can come of music when it is intentionally taught.

Staff of educational premises – professional development

Lil’ Fi offers professional development in early years learning centres, preschools, long day cares and out of school hours care. She teaches the benefits of intentional teaching of music in your service and how the brain works on music. She is available to come into your centres and services and teach in person, through interactive workshops with staff or a show for the kids and a parent information session. She has two seminars in November that are available to early years educators, parents and carers (see contact details at end of article if you are interested):

  • Ukelele Adventures – how to play the ukulele intentionally in early years education:

For beginners.

NSW, 2486

  • Sing don’t Scream – intentional teaching with music

NSW, 2486

And the Lil’ Fi team is growing…

Kelly Carlson who is a former childcare director and early years education expert will be joining the team in 2019! This means that there will be openings for either Lil’ Fi or Kelly to come to your centres for weekly or fortnightly lessons.

They have a music curriculum that is written around the early years learning framework and plenty of free resources online for educators and parents to access.

Check them out in one of their videos:

Get singing rather than screaming..

This program offers puppets and musical instruments that are all ethically sourced through fair trade. Its not just any musical program, it’s a program that benefits the whole brain of a child that brings music and joy.

Learning is one of life’s qualities, and when you can learn how something such as music can be incorporated every day to benefit the brain of your child and communication in the home or educational setting, you would be mad not to try it! I don’t know about you, but I know that I would much rather sing than scream. Please find all Lil’ Fi’s contact details below.

Find out more including prices

Website: www.lilfi.com

Email: lilfi@lilfi.com

Contact number: 0417 479 152

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