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Music Beat Kids is Brisbane’s Original Music Early Learning Program


Music Beat Kids – the home of Boppin Babies – is Brisbane’s original and longest running Music Early Learning Program.

Their program nurtures development, fosters a love of music and helps you to use music in the home. Having fun through musical play and taking joy in your child’s musical expression is central to their program.

Their music early learning groups are held once a week for 10 weeks during school terms. They offer their music groups at locations across Brisbane and Ipswich catering for groups of up to 10 families.

Music Beat Kids’ music early learning program is designed by Registered Music Therapist and internationally recognised music early learning researcher Dr Vicky Abad. Her research into music and childhood development informs all Music Beat Kids’ programs.

All music is played live and is voice led

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All music at Music Beat Kids is played live and is voice led. This is because research supports the use of live voice-led music when working with children under 5 years of age. Their use of live music means your child can participate in their own way and at their own level and the group leader can adapt in the moment to follow the children’s lead.

Their music group leaders are experienced musicians and early childhood specialists who are able to focus on the relationships, interactions and learning outcomes that take place during each group, helping to maximise each child’s skills in these areas.

Their group leaders are experienced music therapists, music teachers and/or professional musicians

They also provide a wide variety of high quality and age-appropriate musical instruments for the children to play with and explore making their own music during the varied activities.

A choice of age specific music groups

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Music Beat Kids offer a choice of either age specific or mixed ages groups, so that you can choose what suits your child and family the best. Research supports developmentally specific music groups that allow your child to participate in age appropriate activities in age appropriate ways.

  • Boppin’ Babies groups are for Newborns to infants 12 months of age, offering a gentle, relaxing and nurturing musical experience to foster your relationship with your baby through musical play.
  • Rockin’ Tots music groups for toddlers 13 months to 2.5 years focus on making music with the whole body and playing a wider range of instruments.
  • Mini Mus-Ohs groups for 2.5 to 3.5 year olds provide plenty of opportunity for older toddlers to explore music and their world using their imaginations.
  • Pre-prep Rockstar music groups for children aged 3.5 to 4 years+ offer super fun groups with lots of creative play, school readiness activities and for the first time some formal music early education.
  • Combo mixed age music groups are for families with siblings and for little ones to interact with children of all ages.

Babies don’t need to be constantly stimulated to learn and grow. Music Beat Kids’ gentle approach to multi-modal stimulation in a child-led framework is what sets them apart from all other music programs claiming to support the developmental needs of your infant.

For older children, their music program allows them to use their imaginations to make up songs and use simple props in creative ways. They use music to encourage their thinking, planning, problem solving and imaginations.

Making music with peers also improves social, emotional and educational outcomes for all children.

Most importantly the focus is on having fun while learning!

Parent participation is key

Music Beat Brisbane

Music Beat Kids supports you to use music to enrich your home lives, relationships and support your children to grow into happy healthy people.

Research shows that the more you share making music with your children, in the home or in a music group, the better the long term outcomes.

They know that music made live between you and your child, led by the voice, is the best way for little people to experience music and support brain development.

Music Beat Kids helps you to connect with your musical self and use this to support your little ones as they grow, learn and develop to reach their potential no matter their abilities.

Catering for all children of all abilities

Music Beat Kids music groups are ideally suited for children who have special needs, medical conditions and families from all cultural backgrounds. Their staff work in special schools and paediatric medical settings and bring these therapeutic skills to the Music Beat Kids program.

To book visit www.musicbeat.com.au

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