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Kids on the Coast | FIVE THINGS to do with little ones on the Gold Coast

We often focus on the bigger children but what about our little kids on the coast? Here’s a cheeky roundup of FIVE THINGS you can do with tiny tots on the Gold Coast to get their little hearts singing.

Little kids on the coast

It’s often the case that our older, louder, more excited children get all the glory when it comes to activities. There are exciting activities, crazy theme park rides and special events designed especially for them!

But what about our tinier tots?

Your toddlers might have nap schedules to stick to. They get hungry, tired and thirsty a lot quicker than older ones. Their tolerance for being in the heat or around crowds is different from their older siblings. And they can easily be swamped or over-whelmed in an environment that has bigger kids in it.

So this one’s for the little guys. Here are some activities to do with your little kids on the coast that are always crowd-pleasers. And you’ll still be home in time for Sarah and Duck!

Beach life!

A day at the beach can be a fantastic experience for the littlest members of our family. It’s all there – sun, sand, surf and SO MUCH FUN! If you plan things right you can set up a cool, shaded tent area to relax in. They can make sand castles, splash in the water and run around chasing seagulls.

There are so many child-friendly beaches available for you to take your kids on the coast. What’s stopping you?

kids on the coast at the beach

We’ve got some fantastic beaches for families listed here. Take a quick look through to see if any will suit your family’s needs! Nearby toilets and food options are always a plus when it comes to toddlers!


We’ve tracked down the BEST family friendly restaurants on the Gold Coast! All of these places cater for children from menus down to family facilities.

Finding a great place to eat with young children can be an absolute god send. This is an element for parents of younger children that can often cause headaches – you can sometimes feel you have to rush in, eat as fast as you can and rush out so you don’t disturb any cranky patrons with your baby noise.

All of these places WANT to see you, WANT your business and WANT you to have a great time! Score!

kids on the coast eating out

We all scream for ice cream!

Is there anything better?

In our sugar-free society we can sometimes forget the EXTREME JOY that is a small child indulging in an icecream cone.

Find an ice-cream parlour, order a child’s cone and let the magic happen. (Just remember the baby wipes and a change of shirt! Whoops!)

kids on the coast icecream

Playgrounds ahoy!

Let those little legs burn off alllllllll that toddler energy at one of MANY super-fun, small-child-friendly Gold Coast playgrounds.

Laguna Park, for example, is an IDEAL playground for younger kids. Bright colours, safe materials, pirate ship and this cool pedal-powered monorail. Monoraaaaaaaaail!

kids on the coast laguna park


We’ve figured out which Gold Coast theme park we think is best for toddlers but what about getting out and seeing the rest of what this beautiful area has to offer?

Check out these kid-friendly venues:

Any other ideas?

If you’ve got any more suggestions for LITTLE KID FRIENDLY (under 4) activities on the Gold Coast we’re all ears! Let us know and we can add them to our list.

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